Monday 5 March 2012

The Late Monday Night Gaming..

And very late it is too... its been a busy week though so I do apologise! Hopefully this week now I'll have tonights MNG post up tomorrow and also showing off a couple of new additions to my army, including a new Dread and some LOD... Keep those eyes peeled!

So last week there were a few games going on, a game of 40k between Jordan and Chris which I wasn't able to get any pics of except one very blurry image, that I think ended a draw. Necrons vs CSM I believe and a crackign game too.

Owain and Alun played some Mordheim, unsure of who won so I won't guess but they seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I may have to see if I can make a dwarf warband out of the BFSP set, love to have a go as I was a huge fan of Necromunda.

Morgan and Iain played some WFB, Dwarfs and Empire again but a bigger battle and I think Iain won this week, although I'm not 100% positive! Plenty of banter in this game and a lot of laughs it seems, I really need to try fantasy too one day.

So onto my game, which was a 3x3 game. Mine and Bams SM's with Jase's BA, against Mikes CSM army and Louis' and Carl's IG. Only 750 points each so careful thought towards armies was needed! I forget what the others took, but I had a captain, predator, scouts, tactical squad. and a dreadnought.

The mission was a capture and control, and it was a very brutal affair!

Mikes Chaos Marines were destroyed within 2 turns, as the IG allies kept their tanks off the board for the first turn. Bams devastator squad annihilated a terminator squad in the first turn and a lascannon shot from my tactical squad killed his Chaos Lord, and then the other two squads he had brought were finished off or killed in the next turn. Felt really bad but they were the deadliest troops on the table! The tanks came on and soon evened things up.

2 Leman Russ Executioner's were our bane, and slowly but surely depleted out forces til the last turn. I sent my Captain towards their objective, who on the way killed Iron Hand Stracken and some veterans, but was heavily injured and unable to continue his advance. Storm Shields are awesome though! Unable to capture our objective the tanks sent a barrage at our troops holding it and when the dust cleared there was one of Bams tactical troops still standing holding the objective. Bam did have a full tactical squad to bolster the position but we forgot to move them over in our last turn and were a tad lucky to get a draw! Awesome game though, Jase's death company were lethal on offence as usual but didn't last long, and it came down to a war of attrition.

Planning for Warhammer World shall be advancing tonight, the table is booked and we've got Fort Pain to fight for, should be immense! Look out for more posts soon, thats all for now.

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