Monday 5 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 5th March

This is without a doubt the quickest I've got this up after a gaming night. Score me! Pretty hectic night too fair play, definately a good thing to see at the club. Several games to mention, but firstly, some howling can be heard in the wind...

Thunderwolves. They're pretty amazing fair play, and unsurprisingly the two Space Wolves players at the club, Ryan and Morgan, both splashed out and obtained some. Ryan, managed to get himself all of these, Thats gonna be an expensive but fast and hard hitting unit!

Morgans new pride and joy, a Space Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf. How amazing is this? I'd love to find a way to fit some in my army but I can't see it happening, maybe I'll get some wolves one day!

Onto gaming and first up some WFB. Mikes Tomb Kings vs Aluns either Bretonnions or Empire, latter most likely but I may be wrong! There was an epic combat between a Griffon mounted Lord and a Necrosphinx, and all that survived was the griffon! Thats the problem with playing games, I miss out on all the good stuff happening in other games!

Louis prepares his Chaos army against Iains Dwarfs. Chaos won this pretty well I understand, but it looked like an interesting battle and is tempting me into getting some Fantasy stuff going!

Onto 40k, Mark's Dark Angels vs Conor's Necrons. I have no idea who won but it was a tastey looking battle between two very infantry focused armies.

I'll make sure to shoot at the destroyers if possible when I play them, they look deadly!

Newcomers Mike and his Blood Angels took on Chris who was using Andrews Chaos army with some of his World Eaters. From what I was able to catch it looked quite brutal but I think Mike won 3 table quarters to 1.

And heres my Evandalists deployed against Carls Grey Knights. Control and Capture for the second week in a row, I fancied this. Dawn of War? You mean, he only sets up 18" away? Ah shoot... I'm in trouble!

First couple of turns I managed to kill some paladins, tough buggers though! I went on the offensive in turn two after losing a venerable dreadnought and my land raider charged into a five man unit of paladins and delivered 5 terminators and my captain.

This went well, managed to take out 3 of them and only lost one in turn. Good start!

My newly painted unit of Legion of the Damned teleported in and faced up against another paladin squad who were assigned to control the GK objective. I was hoping their 3+ invulnerable save would keep them in it but They were all killed and only inflicted one wound. Ouch!

This was coming upto the last turn. GK's in my deployment zone and only my Land Raider able to get into theirs to try to contest, I had to make some risks! I charged my Land Raider upto their objective and forgot to use the smoke grenades, which may in turn have saved me from a couple of rending hits from some psycannons which took my Land Raider out. Draigo and the two paladins he was left with took out whatever I could get by my objective and so I had lost.

It was a cracking game though, Carl only had 7 paladins left on the table plus Draigo who only had 2 wounds left. I was reasonably happy about that! A different set up and I may have just edged it, bit more time to shoot would have been awesome and I could only bring one of my two plasma cannons to bear at any one time.

Next week I'm against Louis' Imperial Guard, which is going to be a proper tough game! Hopefully I'll be getting a couple of new additions this week though to combat all the tanks I'm sure to be facing.

For now, thats it, so until next week for more Monday Night Gaming at Tredegar Wargames Club.

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