Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday Night Action

This week I took a week off, partly because I had no game set up, but also because I'm taking part in a multi-player battle next week and as there was one tonight I could see how it all worked and get some tips. The armies taking part were an alliance of Imperial Guard and Grey Knights (who I'll be taking on next week) versus two chaos factions, Nurgle and Tzeentch, and Orks.

This was the table layout and the deployment, 3000 pts a side.

Heres a shot of the battle not far before it ends. The Imperial alliance won 9-3/4 on kill points, a brutal beating for chaos. What did I learn from it? Imperial Guard have firepower. Ouch. Tank killing will be a priority, I'm thinking of going for a static firebase and shooting back as good as I get. This may overwhelm me, but we'll see how it goes. My best strength so far is reacting to the enemy in a positive way, and this will probably be the best way forward. I'm teaming up with a very hard hitting space wolf force so we may go for a refused flank style plan. Grey Knights are ridiculous. The amount of shots they get when they deep strike are absolutely insane, any tips against these are most welcome!

Also tonight a couple of the guys played some Nedcromunda... I haven't played this in years!

Here they are getting everything ready, Delaques vs Arbites I believe!

I think the Delaques won, and they also played a second game but I wasn't there to see the outcome as bed was calling! Its made me want to play again, I'm sure I've got some Goliaths and Van Saar somewhere... Investigate I shall!

So a 3000pt battle next week with 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 if everyone turns up as there were a couple missing. Should be interesting!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monday Night Gaming

So last night was campaign night, which is coming along pretty well. I was hoping to take pictures of a lot of the battles but my camera died almost as I turned it on... Doh!

My game was against Orks, which was a first for me. Every opponent so far has had power armour! So far my results had been a win versus Thousand Sons, a draw against Plague Marines, a loss against Space Wolves, then a win against Grey Knights. Knowing enough about the Orks to attempt to shoot from afar I had this in mind and heres my army list...

Captain with power sword and storm shield
5 assault terminators in a land raider
Master of the Forge with conversion beamer
2 tactical squads with ML+F
6 scouts with sniper rifles and heavy bolter
2 dreadnoughts, one with assault cannon and the other twin lascannon
7 Legion of the Damned.

Mission was annihilation on a DOW deployment.

The Orks set up in one corner, which meant I could set up further away and give me more time to bring weapons to bear.

My scouts were deployed just to the right of the picture, and didnt last too long. They did however stop the Orks attacking in numbers towards my main battleline which was handy!The trukk coming towards me suffered a lot of attention and took 3 turns to finally immobilise and destroy, kudos to the mek that built that! Ork Kommandos came from behind my lines lead by Ork boss Snikrot, and royallt duffed up one of my tactical squads. In turn my land raider disgorged my captain and terminators who wiped out the Kommandos and their boss. The Legion of the Damned teleported in and did what they do best, tied up a few of the Ork units which meant they could only attack piecemeal, which is what I had hoped. At the end I won 6 kill points to 4, and the table looked a bit like this

Job done! In total thats 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. Considering I'd only played two games of 40k before the campaign started I'm pretty chuffed with how I'm doing.

This was the only other pic I managed to get that was any good before the battery died

Space Wolves versus Thousand Sons, and I believe the SW's got a victory here. Due to the amount of people taking part we've now formed alliances, I'm part of an all Space Marine alliance which involves my mainres, two Space Wolf forces and an Ultramarines army. To gain control of a moon we're having a 3 vs 3 battle in a couple of weeks, can't wait to a multiplayer game!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tredegar Wargames visit to WHW!!!

This is the trip to Warhammer World I'd mentioned in my first post, with a selection of photos. I'm hoping for the next trip we can try get more of the mini's painted as they look so much better in the pictures when they're done!

Sorting out deployment, took a little while!

Battle commences! Each player had 3000 points, with an allied force of Blood Angels, Eldar, and Grey Knights taking on a Chaos force with Necron allies.

One Eldar titan missing... a Necron monolith appeared at its rear, blew up the titan and then was caught in the blast. As if that wasn't crazy itself, the monolith took out several nearny Space Marine scouts!

An almost overhead shot of the battle midway... everyones going for the bridge objective!

Nurgle marines on an objective... hard to shift!

The last image of the table, an allied win! The bridge objective was the crucial win, as the Imperial/Eldar allies took this and captured win. Close game though, and definately inspired me!

And heres everyone at the end. For myself it was an amazing experience and seeing the miniatures gallery was simply awe-inspiring. Can't wait for the next trip to actually play!

Tredegar Wargames club website can be found here http://tredegarwargamesclub.yolasite.com/

The First One.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Big Kev, aka vandalworks. I've blogged a wee bit before but this is my new foray into blogging about wargaming, and the Games Workshop games in particular! Having been in exile for the last 10 or so years I recently discovered a group of gamers nearby who all meet up and play games like 40k, WHfantasy and other such gems. Having dusted off some of my old mini's I delved back into wargaming with a passion.

Looking at my old space marines I had about 1000 points or so, and have since added to these and have over 2000. This tactical squad is still wip but you get the general idea that this isn't a conventional looking army, which basically suits my personality. The Evandalists, as I've called them, are a little wild compared to must codex chapters in terms of colour schemes but I think the colours go well together. Expect to see plenty more!

This is my first finished midel, a Legion of the Damned Seargant. I love the black and bone with flames colour scheme but as I'm getting back into painting I wasn't sure I was able to match it to a good high quality. Wondering what I could do I kept reading the background for them. The idea formed that as they appeared they seemed like ghosts, marines with supernatural strength. Supernatural... GHOSTS!!! Hence the ghostly paint job. I'm pretty chuffed with this and hope to do a full squad when I can afford more.

I also managed to 'rescue' this Land Raider from a previously unfinished state. This too is WIP but its not too far from completion.

The general aim is to get around 3000 points with which to play an apocolypse game with the Tredegar Wargaming club when the next visit Warhammer World. They generously took me up there on their last visit and I had an insanely amazing time. I'll post the pictures from that on here so you get to see what went on. We're currently playing a campaign based over 5 different planets/moons, in a search for the 'Angel', a weapon of unknown destruction and potential. I've won2 games, lost one, and also drawn a game. Pretty chuffed with that as I've played 6 games of 40k and thats it, having played two practice games beforehand to get to know the rules a little. Getting back into the hobby has been amazing as I've always kept upto date through having every issue of White Dwarf since 1995. More updates coming soon!