Monday 12 March 2012


So far, I've got 3 dreads. The further most left one is the oldest, dating back from about 12 years ago, possibly more, hence why he looks a little haggard with a few new bits on to cover up uneveness. I'm actually pretty happy with the tabbardy scroll thing on his chest though, came out alright! In the middle is the newer dread, who doesn't look too bad. On the right is one from quite a while ago who was only half painted. I've based them up recently and it has helped improve how they look dramatically, so I recommend basing dreads to everyone!

I've still got a bit of work to do on them, unsure whether to highlight them as I'm unsure as to whether I have the ability on vehicles so may go for solid colours. Bases need a bit more work although I think the newest one is done. I've now got a Forgeworld Chaplain dread to add to these and would love to add another to have a squad of them. As I sometimes use a master of the forge I can fit them all into one army. Score!

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