Tuesday 20 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 19.3.12

So today, was our first game of our randomly teamed doubles tourney. To add a bit of fun and give players the chance to team and play against people they haven't gamed with, I suggested a doubles tourney where teams were randomly drawn for each round before a game starts. This means that army lists had to be optimised to play alongside and against all race of opponent, and that it being doubles even the inexperienced players (eg. ME! lol) would be able to play a competitive 750pts game yet in a friendly manner. So the draws were made and the first round was...

Myself and my Evandalists with Chris and his World Eaters, against the Grey Knights of Carl and Morgans Eldar.

Deploymeny didn't exist, Morgan and Carl set up as far forward as they could (bloody Dawn of War set up!) so I felt it better to let them get a free movement and then come on and try and take them out. There were four objectives to capture, which would prove difficult as both sides had only one troops choice each.

Things started badly for me and Chris, the World Eaters had limited numbers against a dreadknight and a squad of paladins, and were taken down after 3 turns in a long combat. My dreadnought, about to charge a falcon, decided instead to go for Fire Dragons thinking them an easy target... Melta Bombs. I did not know they had those! My plan had been to charge the dread at the other vehicle and then use my tactical squad and chaplain to assault the fire dragons and the vehicle they were in. When Chris' obliterator blew the FD's falcon/wave serpent up I made a mistake that cost me the game. Lesson learned!

My Tactical squad were then shot at by Dire Avengers, but had enough numbers that they were able to go on and assault the dire avengers and their accompanying farseer and butcher them after a few rounds of combat. If it had gone quicker I may have claimed an objective but it were not to be.

Carls army was pretty much untouched as Chris was unable to get Kharn into the mix who was then shot at by high strength weapons to instant kill him, which did eventually happen. Good game though and most importantly both myself and Chris learnt a lot.

The other game was Mikes Chaos Dragon Warriors and Ryans Space Wolves versus Iains Ultramarines and Aluns Black Templars.

Mike looking forward to the upcoming slaughtering!

Close game from what I've heard, if one more wound was cause it could have changed the outcome of the game, instead Mike and Ryan earned themselves a hardfought victory.

Andrew and Louis also played a game this week, battle of the Guards!

Andrew thought it hilarious when this photo opportunity came up, imperial guard sneaking past his rhino with the zombie like figure stretching out to try and earn himself a victim! Looks awesome=D

Yarrick vs Nurgle character, not sure if he's a champion or lord, but it looked like a good fight.

Andrews Land Raider, which is just astounding. So many little details that when I'm able to get some good pictures done I'll be taking many more pictures of this little beasty!

Bam and Jase painting and assembling. Bams Legion of the Damned are coming on nicely and Jase possibly has more than 15 models now!

This week also sees the debut on my blog of our leaderboard. Rules are simple... if you win, you go up! If you lose, you go down.... I'm currently in 13th place, which is pretty good I think!

Next week has been drawn and I'm with Iain and his Ultramarines, should have a decent shooty force but we're against an assault minded due in Carl and his Grey Knights and my former partner Chris. I think it'll be a case of how well we can whittle them down.... kill enough we'll be fine, kill too few we're doomed!

Until next week!

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