Friday 23 March 2012

Starting out with Green Stuff.

So I took the plunge and bought some green stuff. I'd tried using it once when I was about.. 18 or so? I'm now 31 and ready for a proper go!

My mate Bam, who is doing some Legion of the Damned wanted some skulls, so I thought I'd have a go and do one on a shoulder pad and a banner for him. He's incredibly frustrated with green stuff so having a go and if I can get the hang of it I can help him with it too.

This picture shows my first efforts.

Believe it or not, the skull on the left is my second effort, with the one on the right being the first. I was fairly happy with the first, but the second looks a wee bit cartoony! No Idea what went wrong but oh well. At least I know I can sorta use it a bit!

Here's my only attempt at doing it on a banner. Pretty happy with this too, its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its given me confidence to keep going with green stuff. I'm currently working on a Captain/Chapter Master with a relic blade and storm shield, and have sculpted some long hair onto the sergeant head that is half biomechanical. Doesn't look too bad so expect pics soon. I've also done a little base for him, with some stones and green stuff to hold them into place. I've even added hair to my chaplain, all Chaplains can't be bald surely!?!


  1. For first attempts, those are nothing to be ashamed of. The trick is starting out small and working up. Don't try and sculpt a whole model at first. Try some more simple things until you get the hang of working with GS and then move up slowly in complexity.

    Start on flat surfaces with large items. Then take those same items and resculpt them smaller on a flat surface while still trying to capture the same detail. Then try it again on curved surfaces. While you might sculpting a skull each time you are adding another level of complexity to it.

    It takes lots of practice to get the hang of it.

    Ron, FTW

    1. Ah cheers man, I certainly won't be doing a full model, I'd have to be insane! I'm keeping it simple, had a go of those skulls for my mate to see if I could help him, and also did some hair. Filled a couple of gaps in too, just keeping it simple for now and move on later on.

      I'll be doing another post soon and personally thanking the hair post you put not long ago as it helped immensely!

    2. Greenstuff is all about the little things. The big things are just combinations of little things together. Break it down to simple stuff and you'll never go wrong with your sculpting.

      Ron, FTW