Sunday 18 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 12th March

So yeah, bit late again this week. Not the first time and certainly won't be the last! Lot of battles going on so lets get to it.

First up I played against the Imperial Guard of Louis. I expected several tanks so tooled up with heavy weapons for such a force. Louis took just three tanks, but also two units of Psykers, and 2 full units of Rough Riders. Ouch! I lost a land raider in the first turn and the other was immobilised. Not a good start at all!

This battle didn't go my way, the only highlight was probably how well my thunder hammer termies performed against the odds. They took a charge off a unit of rough riders, 2 demolisher shells and various other attacks and I still had one left at the end. Nothing else survived! My Master of the Forge was killed along with the Tactical Squad he was with when the other unit of Rough Riders assaulted up a ladder(Yes, shocked I was) and wiped them out. My dreadnought was able to countercharge but it was too late and all I succeeded in doing was tie them up for most of the game. Louis on the last turn then rolled 3 sixes in a row to blow my dread up.

Not a good result then! It was however a fun game and we had a blast playing.

Some World War action in progress

Morgans Space Wolves versus Chris and Carl, who I think had CSM's and Grey Knights. Odd alliance!

From what I hear Morgan won, but Carl asked for a 1v1 and gained his revenge.

Morgan looked smug as another victory approaches

Next up was Bam and Mike, versus Andrew and Jordan.

Bam left, and Andrew right, discuss the finer points of necrons.

Bam and Mike were unable to keep the resiliant combo of Nurgle and Necrons down, and were eventually overrun. Especially when Typhus and 9 termies teleported by their lines!

A win for Andrew and Jordan then.

As we'd run out of tables, Aaron, Chris and Alun improvised with a small game of 40k on the stage area. Blood Angels vs Necrons although I have no idea who won!

And lastly we have Iain and Ryan battling it out. The Space wolves annihilated the Ultramarines, with the thunderwolf cavalry taking a great toll on Calgar's men.

And so goes another monday night of gaming. We're starting a tourney tomorrow, random doubles pairings so balanced forces are needed! Should be fun plus planning for our game at Warhammer World in april All go!

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