Wednesday 28 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 26.3.12

Well hello there! Blogger seems to have changed and I think thinks are gonna look different... for the good or bad? What say you? I'm confused to hell I know that! I'll get there slowly anyway....

Bams getting there with his Legion of the Damned, for his first army and first attempt at being artistic I'm incredibly impressed! The flames modelled on the sword look good fair dues. We've also got Jason trying to get some models painted, nless him! We've got Warhammer World coming up in two weeks and everyones trying to get things at least part painted, by my orders! That way in photos at least from a distance things will look good. 

This week was round two of the tourney. Myself and Iain who both use normal Space Marines were up against Grey Knights of Carl (again for me!) and Chris' CSM's. Our 750 pt forces were....

Me: Chaplain, tactical squad, dread, land speeder, land raider. 
Iain: 2 tactical squads, chapter master, sternguard

Carl: 5 paladins, Draigo, dreadknight
                             Chris: Kharn and 9 beserkers in a rhino, sorcerer, obliterater, spawn

 The game to be fair went our direction in a way I've never imagined. Carl moved his Dreadknight 30" in front of Iains tactical squad, failed to blow my Land Raider up, then died due to the combined fire of pretty much everything we had. Iains chapter master then proceeded to call down an orbital barrage, which promptly killed two paladins straight away. We lost nothing so far. Good first turn!

Second and third turns we pour our fire into the chaos force. Two turns and all Chris has left is a Spawn and Kharn on one wound. Draigo is getting close!  Turns 4-6, My land speeder which deep striked previously and killed a few bezerkers, takes 2 wounds off the 3 remaining paladins. Iain pours everything he can including 4 plasma cannons at them, and kills 2 and Draigo loses a wound. A rapid firing tactical squad, my landraider, and the sternguard then manage to kill the last paladin and draigo through weight of fire. The spawn comes on in the last turn, my land speeder leaves it on one wound and is then blown apart when the spawn charges. My dread then kills the spawn. In total, we wiped our opponents off the board for the loss of two models.... my land speeder and one single tactical marine. Score! I've never thought I'd win a game like that and my own tactical squad and chaplain never even came out of the land raider. Amazing! Felt so bad for our opponents though, we just made good choices in fire priority, and it paid off. 

The other game was Morgan's Eldar and Mikes CSM's, against Aluns Black Templars and Ryans Space Wolves.

This sounded like a cracker, and the game eventually finished a 7-7 draw. Wowser! Apparantly there were several dice rolls that could have changed things drastically either way, which for me is the beauty of these smaller points based games. 

And heres the leaderboard! I'm now upto 12th, the highest I've been is 10th so thats my aim, return to where I was! Next week I'm teaming with Aluns Black Templars against Carl(AGAIN!!!) and his grey knights, and also Ryan and his space wolves. Could be interesting!

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