Thursday 29 March 2012

In With the Old, and In With the New.

What? Thats not how the saying goes you're asking. Well no, but its how things are. Looking at my force a few days ago, I realised that even though I enjoy using my army in a static way, I'd need to make it more mobile at some point. Rhinos. 

I had an old Rhino from way back when, which was covered in paint. After a few hours of getting the paint off as best I could, I added some more modern bits that were leftovers from my Land Raider kit and uncercoated. Then basecoated. That day, on Ebay, I saw someone selling multiple Rhino's for £12. Each. P&P free. Quantity two please! After assembling the new guys I had to line them up to see how they shape up.

 As you can see, and please excuse my rough basecoating, but the old Rhino is markedly smaller, but no less cool looking. Where some parts of the paint wouldn't come off I'll try my best to turn this into battle wear, its an old Rhino after all!

And heres the new pair basecoated(even more roughly ha). My Chaplain dread has finally been assembled and undercoated too, so I can get to work on him and then finish his base off. Production!

I noticed some people like to show off their workplaces too, well I wont show it off, but I will show. Its a mess! But it gets it job done. My aim is to get the rhinos finished and the Chapter Master almost done, then touch up on as much as I can before Warhammer World. 3000 pts list to be created, and its hard bloody work wondering what to take!

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