Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Longest Night: CVC hardcore gaming!

If that first image hasn't scared you off this post, then nothing will. Welcome to a little report about the Crow Valley Crusaders Longest Night event. Running from 9am on a saturday, until 6pm on sunday, its a heck of a gaming session! Much Kudos to Byron who was there the entire time, nutter! Myself and Alun travelled down, getting there in time for the pizza order and staying until 7am, so a good 12 hours for us. We even had a few guys from the Towy Valley Tyrants, another of the GCN Welsh clubs and general good guys to boot. They were just setting up an huge 40k game, about 5k points per player so 20k in total!

As you can see, it looked like a cracking game, countless orks, huge Eldar machines of war, and some of the Imperiums finest all battling for supremacy. 

Byron and Gareth getting some Dreadball in, I heard there were a few games of this played. 

Whats a gaming day without some Cubequest?

As for me and Alun, we played a doubles game, renewing our rivalries with the CVC taking on Shaun once again but instead of Mike was Dave and his Chaos force. 

We got some luck with tactical objectives and managed to get a nice little lead and hold it for quite a while. Note similar shirts. 

It didn't all go our way of course, many Dark Eldar were harmed during the making of this battle.

 luckily this fight went our way. My Chapter Master slayed Shauns, much enjoyable!

This was nasty however... Shauns termies deep striking down, just clearing the inch needed to teleport and need not roll on the mishap table!

We held on for a good victory, winning 24-13 I think it was. Capturing objectives worked well as either we needed to obtain the ones I held back on, or the ones opposite where Aluns Dark Eldar were facing so he could boost across and swipe them. Great game and look forward to more! 

I also played some X-wing against a great guy called Scott, who used this against me. 

Scotts an experienced player, and showing me his collection I wanted to steal it and run! He had loads of ships and it was very impressive to finally see the Tantive in person! Scott mentioned that I'd forgotten something in the game that would have helped me most likely win, unfortunately he took out my headhunter and claimed a victory for the Imperial. What did I forget? Corran Horns ability to shoot in the end phase! I could have finished a couple of ships off with this and most likely have a rebel win, ah well, we play and learn! Scotts a great opponent though and I really enjoyed the game. 

A game of Zombiecide in full swing, looks insane! 

As myself and Alun readied to board our transport shuttle, I noticed this artisan had drifted off to the land of nod, somewhere near where myself and Alun were headed! Poor Gareth, hes lucky I didn't get a marker pen out though, could have given him some Savage Orc Tattoos! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Batrep: SM vs DE and 'Da Plan'

Ah those accursed Dark Eldar. Aluns getting cocky now that hes won a a couple of games in a row, and we can't be having that! After an enlightening trip to Morroco and gazing at the Ultramar system from the Sahara, he sent me a vox to issue a challange. I accepted! 2k points, using the new tactical objectives. 

Deployment above, and yes, thats a landing pad! Purchased off the blogging worlds very own Combat Doctrine. I've gone for a very rusty effect as it'll be used more as terrain than anything, but I did try it out in this game.

Alun leapt out to a lead in the early goings, objectives going his way and jumping out to a 3-0 start straight away. I respond by being aggressive with some drop pods landing in his deployment, but failing in attracting more attetnion away from his main attack. Dammit!

My vindicare did nothing all day, and so he deserves not to be in this post. Bloody jink saves! The game was never really that close, whenever I thought able to just sneak closer Alun got some useful objectives and claimed them, and I think it finished about 12-6. I'm still very much getting to grips with using Imperial Guard as allies or as a force, and I think when we play next it'll be just marines! He needs a good kicking to bring him back down, he's already muttering about going to Terra to get some slaves...

Bam below demonstrating his kusomising skills making some orky vehicles. We've decided to do a demo game of Gorkamorka at a convention in Newport this year called Dragondaze, so we're both gonna be making some vehicles and buildings to use for it. 

Thats all for now, although a weekend down Cwmbran at the Crow Valley Crusaders is approaching and I'm sure I'll have a lot to speak about, and I'll also be posting about X-wing very soon!