Thursday, 29 March 2012

In With the Old, and In With the New.

What? Thats not how the saying goes you're asking. Well no, but its how things are. Looking at my force a few days ago, I realised that even though I enjoy using my army in a static way, I'd need to make it more mobile at some point. Rhinos. 

I had an old Rhino from way back when, which was covered in paint. After a few hours of getting the paint off as best I could, I added some more modern bits that were leftovers from my Land Raider kit and uncercoated. Then basecoated. That day, on Ebay, I saw someone selling multiple Rhino's for £12. Each. P&P free. Quantity two please! After assembling the new guys I had to line them up to see how they shape up.

 As you can see, and please excuse my rough basecoating, but the old Rhino is markedly smaller, but no less cool looking. Where some parts of the paint wouldn't come off I'll try my best to turn this into battle wear, its an old Rhino after all!

And heres the new pair basecoated(even more roughly ha). My Chaplain dread has finally been assembled and undercoated too, so I can get to work on him and then finish his base off. Production!

I noticed some people like to show off their workplaces too, well I wont show it off, but I will show. Its a mess! But it gets it job done. My aim is to get the rhinos finished and the Chapter Master almost done, then touch up on as much as I can before Warhammer World. 3000 pts list to be created, and its hard bloody work wondering what to take!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Latest WIP

So here we are, I've got two weeks to try and get everything I intend to take to Warhammer World ready. The problem? I still haven't written an army list. Oops! I made a rough one earlier and I can't fit in what I want to take, so I'm gonna have to cut things out. Not fun=/

One thing I'm definately taking, is my current pride and joy, Chapter Master of the Evandalists, Vincent Enniko. I know he's not amazing looking, but its as far as I've ever delved into the world of converting bar perhaps my Master of the Forge, and I'm pretty chuffed with it.

 The hair was my first ever attempt at hair, and I could never have done it without the legend that is Ron, the man behind From The Warp and this particular post about how to create different types of hair. Follow this mans blog, its essential!

Heres as far as I've got with Enniko. Basecoated pretty much, and I'll add some mroe texture to the base when he's looking more finished. The hair will be darker, I'll probably give it a couple of washes of badab black and maybe a ver light highlight with a grey of some kind. Checks will be added to the left shoulder pad, the right shoulder pad rim, and the left kneepad. The relic blade is from a boarding assault marine, which has extra length and looks the part. Unsure how to paint this, I am slightly temted with a marble effect, but I may be getting too ambitious! The storm shield was kindly donated by an unused assault termie, I cut away the outer rim to make it look more in size with a power armoured marine, and it looks ok. I then added a shoulder pad scroll thing to it, and also one to his groin area. 

Conversion wise his right leg was butchered to make it in a more elevated position, and I think its come off ok. Any feedback I can apply to future conversions would be greatly appreciated, so don't shy away! I'm happy with him anyway and will post more pics when he's completed. 

Also here is my finally constructed Forge World Chaplain Dreadnought. I love this model. Those huge wings and the small menacing skull are just awesome, and he'll be leading my dreadnoughts into battle in WW. I'm hoping to be able to afford another to have 5, so a combat squad of dreads=] I was tempted to paint him up like my Legion of the Damned, but I think I'll do him as a normal dread so I can get more use out of him. I may change my mind at the last minute however! 

I've got two Rhino's on the way too, plus I've tried saving a MK 1 Rhino that I'd painted up when I was about 17, lots of crap on there=/ He doesn't look too bad but theres a lot of scratch marks on there, so I'm gonna try and make him look likes he's seen a lot of action. He's an old rhino afterall! So 3 rhinos, 1 dread t finish and 1 to start, a land raider, and a few characters to get done in two weeks. Easy! *gulps*

Monday Night Gaming 26.3.12

Well hello there! Blogger seems to have changed and I think thinks are gonna look different... for the good or bad? What say you? I'm confused to hell I know that! I'll get there slowly anyway....

Bams getting there with his Legion of the Damned, for his first army and first attempt at being artistic I'm incredibly impressed! The flames modelled on the sword look good fair dues. We've also got Jason trying to get some models painted, nless him! We've got Warhammer World coming up in two weeks and everyones trying to get things at least part painted, by my orders! That way in photos at least from a distance things will look good. 

This week was round two of the tourney. Myself and Iain who both use normal Space Marines were up against Grey Knights of Carl (again for me!) and Chris' CSM's. Our 750 pt forces were....

Me: Chaplain, tactical squad, dread, land speeder, land raider. 
Iain: 2 tactical squads, chapter master, sternguard

Carl: 5 paladins, Draigo, dreadknight
                             Chris: Kharn and 9 beserkers in a rhino, sorcerer, obliterater, spawn

 The game to be fair went our direction in a way I've never imagined. Carl moved his Dreadknight 30" in front of Iains tactical squad, failed to blow my Land Raider up, then died due to the combined fire of pretty much everything we had. Iains chapter master then proceeded to call down an orbital barrage, which promptly killed two paladins straight away. We lost nothing so far. Good first turn!

Second and third turns we pour our fire into the chaos force. Two turns and all Chris has left is a Spawn and Kharn on one wound. Draigo is getting close!  Turns 4-6, My land speeder which deep striked previously and killed a few bezerkers, takes 2 wounds off the 3 remaining paladins. Iain pours everything he can including 4 plasma cannons at them, and kills 2 and Draigo loses a wound. A rapid firing tactical squad, my landraider, and the sternguard then manage to kill the last paladin and draigo through weight of fire. The spawn comes on in the last turn, my land speeder leaves it on one wound and is then blown apart when the spawn charges. My dread then kills the spawn. In total, we wiped our opponents off the board for the loss of two models.... my land speeder and one single tactical marine. Score! I've never thought I'd win a game like that and my own tactical squad and chaplain never even came out of the land raider. Amazing! Felt so bad for our opponents though, we just made good choices in fire priority, and it paid off. 

The other game was Morgan's Eldar and Mikes CSM's, against Aluns Black Templars and Ryans Space Wolves.

This sounded like a cracker, and the game eventually finished a 7-7 draw. Wowser! Apparantly there were several dice rolls that could have changed things drastically either way, which for me is the beauty of these smaller points based games. 

And heres the leaderboard! I'm now upto 12th, the highest I've been is 10th so thats my aim, return to where I was! Next week I'm teaming with Aluns Black Templars against Carl(AGAIN!!!) and his grey knights, and also Ryan and his space wolves. Could be interesting!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Starting out with Green Stuff.

So I took the plunge and bought some green stuff. I'd tried using it once when I was about.. 18 or so? I'm now 31 and ready for a proper go!

My mate Bam, who is doing some Legion of the Damned wanted some skulls, so I thought I'd have a go and do one on a shoulder pad and a banner for him. He's incredibly frustrated with green stuff so having a go and if I can get the hang of it I can help him with it too.

This picture shows my first efforts.

Believe it or not, the skull on the left is my second effort, with the one on the right being the first. I was fairly happy with the first, but the second looks a wee bit cartoony! No Idea what went wrong but oh well. At least I know I can sorta use it a bit!

Here's my only attempt at doing it on a banner. Pretty happy with this too, its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its given me confidence to keep going with green stuff. I'm currently working on a Captain/Chapter Master with a relic blade and storm shield, and have sculpted some long hair onto the sergeant head that is half biomechanical. Doesn't look too bad so expect pics soon. I've also done a little base for him, with some stones and green stuff to hold them into place. I've even added hair to my chaplain, all Chaplains can't be bald surely!?!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 19.3.12

So today, was our first game of our randomly teamed doubles tourney. To add a bit of fun and give players the chance to team and play against people they haven't gamed with, I suggested a doubles tourney where teams were randomly drawn for each round before a game starts. This means that army lists had to be optimised to play alongside and against all race of opponent, and that it being doubles even the inexperienced players (eg. ME! lol) would be able to play a competitive 750pts game yet in a friendly manner. So the draws were made and the first round was...

Myself and my Evandalists with Chris and his World Eaters, against the Grey Knights of Carl and Morgans Eldar.

Deploymeny didn't exist, Morgan and Carl set up as far forward as they could (bloody Dawn of War set up!) so I felt it better to let them get a free movement and then come on and try and take them out. There were four objectives to capture, which would prove difficult as both sides had only one troops choice each.

Things started badly for me and Chris, the World Eaters had limited numbers against a dreadknight and a squad of paladins, and were taken down after 3 turns in a long combat. My dreadnought, about to charge a falcon, decided instead to go for Fire Dragons thinking them an easy target... Melta Bombs. I did not know they had those! My plan had been to charge the dread at the other vehicle and then use my tactical squad and chaplain to assault the fire dragons and the vehicle they were in. When Chris' obliterator blew the FD's falcon/wave serpent up I made a mistake that cost me the game. Lesson learned!

My Tactical squad were then shot at by Dire Avengers, but had enough numbers that they were able to go on and assault the dire avengers and their accompanying farseer and butcher them after a few rounds of combat. If it had gone quicker I may have claimed an objective but it were not to be.

Carls army was pretty much untouched as Chris was unable to get Kharn into the mix who was then shot at by high strength weapons to instant kill him, which did eventually happen. Good game though and most importantly both myself and Chris learnt a lot.

The other game was Mikes Chaos Dragon Warriors and Ryans Space Wolves versus Iains Ultramarines and Aluns Black Templars.

Mike looking forward to the upcoming slaughtering!

Close game from what I've heard, if one more wound was cause it could have changed the outcome of the game, instead Mike and Ryan earned themselves a hardfought victory.

Andrew and Louis also played a game this week, battle of the Guards!

Andrew thought it hilarious when this photo opportunity came up, imperial guard sneaking past his rhino with the zombie like figure stretching out to try and earn himself a victim! Looks awesome=D

Yarrick vs Nurgle character, not sure if he's a champion or lord, but it looked like a good fight.

Andrews Land Raider, which is just astounding. So many little details that when I'm able to get some good pictures done I'll be taking many more pictures of this little beasty!

Bam and Jase painting and assembling. Bams Legion of the Damned are coming on nicely and Jase possibly has more than 15 models now!

This week also sees the debut on my blog of our leaderboard. Rules are simple... if you win, you go up! If you lose, you go down.... I'm currently in 13th place, which is pretty good I think!

Next week has been drawn and I'm with Iain and his Ultramarines, should have a decent shooty force but we're against an assault minded due in Carl and his Grey Knights and my former partner Chris. I think it'll be a case of how well we can whittle them down.... kill enough we'll be fine, kill too few we're doomed!

Until next week!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 12th March

So yeah, bit late again this week. Not the first time and certainly won't be the last! Lot of battles going on so lets get to it.

First up I played against the Imperial Guard of Louis. I expected several tanks so tooled up with heavy weapons for such a force. Louis took just three tanks, but also two units of Psykers, and 2 full units of Rough Riders. Ouch! I lost a land raider in the first turn and the other was immobilised. Not a good start at all!

This battle didn't go my way, the only highlight was probably how well my thunder hammer termies performed against the odds. They took a charge off a unit of rough riders, 2 demolisher shells and various other attacks and I still had one left at the end. Nothing else survived! My Master of the Forge was killed along with the Tactical Squad he was with when the other unit of Rough Riders assaulted up a ladder(Yes, shocked I was) and wiped them out. My dreadnought was able to countercharge but it was too late and all I succeeded in doing was tie them up for most of the game. Louis on the last turn then rolled 3 sixes in a row to blow my dread up.

Not a good result then! It was however a fun game and we had a blast playing.

Some World War action in progress

Morgans Space Wolves versus Chris and Carl, who I think had CSM's and Grey Knights. Odd alliance!

From what I hear Morgan won, but Carl asked for a 1v1 and gained his revenge.

Morgan looked smug as another victory approaches

Next up was Bam and Mike, versus Andrew and Jordan.

Bam left, and Andrew right, discuss the finer points of necrons.

Bam and Mike were unable to keep the resiliant combo of Nurgle and Necrons down, and were eventually overrun. Especially when Typhus and 9 termies teleported by their lines!

A win for Andrew and Jordan then.

As we'd run out of tables, Aaron, Chris and Alun improvised with a small game of 40k on the stage area. Blood Angels vs Necrons although I have no idea who won!

And lastly we have Iain and Ryan battling it out. The Space wolves annihilated the Ultramarines, with the thunderwolf cavalry taking a great toll on Calgar's men.

And so goes another monday night of gaming. We're starting a tourney tomorrow, random doubles pairings so balanced forces are needed! Should be fun plus planning for our game at Warhammer World in april All go!

Monday, 12 March 2012


So far, I've got 3 dreads. The further most left one is the oldest, dating back from about 12 years ago, possibly more, hence why he looks a little haggard with a few new bits on to cover up uneveness. I'm actually pretty happy with the tabbardy scroll thing on his chest though, came out alright! In the middle is the newer dread, who doesn't look too bad. On the right is one from quite a while ago who was only half painted. I've based them up recently and it has helped improve how they look dramatically, so I recommend basing dreads to everyone!

I've still got a bit of work to do on them, unsure whether to highlight them as I'm unsure as to whether I have the ability on vehicles so may go for solid colours. Bases need a bit more work although I think the newest one is done. I've now got a Forgeworld Chaplain dread to add to these and would love to add another to have a squad of them. As I sometimes use a master of the forge I can fit them all into one army. Score!

Legion of the Damned

In my first post, I showcased one of my favourite models I'd painted to date, a Legion of the Damned sergeant. Its been a while but I've finally managed to get a squads worth bought and painted, with 3 more washed and ready to be added for a 10-man squad.

As with the sergeant, I've gone for a very ghostly look. One of the reasons is because although I love the black with flames and bones armour, I wanted something a little different. As my army is predominantly quite bright I thought it was a good opportunity to add something different. Plus, with the Legion always being described as apparations or spectres even, This was the chance to do that. Not only do they play well, but they stand out on the battlefield and were an absolute joy to paint. Theres still a few bits to do but I couldn't not post them any later.

Quite possibly my favourite unit to date!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Night Gaming 5th March

This is without a doubt the quickest I've got this up after a gaming night. Score me! Pretty hectic night too fair play, definately a good thing to see at the club. Several games to mention, but firstly, some howling can be heard in the wind...

Thunderwolves. They're pretty amazing fair play, and unsurprisingly the two Space Wolves players at the club, Ryan and Morgan, both splashed out and obtained some. Ryan, managed to get himself all of these, Thats gonna be an expensive but fast and hard hitting unit!

Morgans new pride and joy, a Space Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf. How amazing is this? I'd love to find a way to fit some in my army but I can't see it happening, maybe I'll get some wolves one day!

Onto gaming and first up some WFB. Mikes Tomb Kings vs Aluns either Bretonnions or Empire, latter most likely but I may be wrong! There was an epic combat between a Griffon mounted Lord and a Necrosphinx, and all that survived was the griffon! Thats the problem with playing games, I miss out on all the good stuff happening in other games!

Louis prepares his Chaos army against Iains Dwarfs. Chaos won this pretty well I understand, but it looked like an interesting battle and is tempting me into getting some Fantasy stuff going!

Onto 40k, Mark's Dark Angels vs Conor's Necrons. I have no idea who won but it was a tastey looking battle between two very infantry focused armies.

I'll make sure to shoot at the destroyers if possible when I play them, they look deadly!

Newcomers Mike and his Blood Angels took on Chris who was using Andrews Chaos army with some of his World Eaters. From what I was able to catch it looked quite brutal but I think Mike won 3 table quarters to 1.

And heres my Evandalists deployed against Carls Grey Knights. Control and Capture for the second week in a row, I fancied this. Dawn of War? You mean, he only sets up 18" away? Ah shoot... I'm in trouble!

First couple of turns I managed to kill some paladins, tough buggers though! I went on the offensive in turn two after losing a venerable dreadnought and my land raider charged into a five man unit of paladins and delivered 5 terminators and my captain.

This went well, managed to take out 3 of them and only lost one in turn. Good start!

My newly painted unit of Legion of the Damned teleported in and faced up against another paladin squad who were assigned to control the GK objective. I was hoping their 3+ invulnerable save would keep them in it but They were all killed and only inflicted one wound. Ouch!

This was coming upto the last turn. GK's in my deployment zone and only my Land Raider able to get into theirs to try to contest, I had to make some risks! I charged my Land Raider upto their objective and forgot to use the smoke grenades, which may in turn have saved me from a couple of rending hits from some psycannons which took my Land Raider out. Draigo and the two paladins he was left with took out whatever I could get by my objective and so I had lost.

It was a cracking game though, Carl only had 7 paladins left on the table plus Draigo who only had 2 wounds left. I was reasonably happy about that! A different set up and I may have just edged it, bit more time to shoot would have been awesome and I could only bring one of my two plasma cannons to bear at any one time.

Next week I'm against Louis' Imperial Guard, which is going to be a proper tough game! Hopefully I'll be getting a couple of new additions this week though to combat all the tanks I'm sure to be facing.

For now, thats it, so until next week for more Monday Night Gaming at Tredegar Wargames Club.

The Late Monday Night Gaming..

And very late it is too... its been a busy week though so I do apologise! Hopefully this week now I'll have tonights MNG post up tomorrow and also showing off a couple of new additions to my army, including a new Dread and some LOD... Keep those eyes peeled!

So last week there were a few games going on, a game of 40k between Jordan and Chris which I wasn't able to get any pics of except one very blurry image, that I think ended a draw. Necrons vs CSM I believe and a crackign game too.

Owain and Alun played some Mordheim, unsure of who won so I won't guess but they seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I may have to see if I can make a dwarf warband out of the BFSP set, love to have a go as I was a huge fan of Necromunda.

Morgan and Iain played some WFB, Dwarfs and Empire again but a bigger battle and I think Iain won this week, although I'm not 100% positive! Plenty of banter in this game and a lot of laughs it seems, I really need to try fantasy too one day.

So onto my game, which was a 3x3 game. Mine and Bams SM's with Jase's BA, against Mikes CSM army and Louis' and Carl's IG. Only 750 points each so careful thought towards armies was needed! I forget what the others took, but I had a captain, predator, scouts, tactical squad. and a dreadnought.

The mission was a capture and control, and it was a very brutal affair!

Mikes Chaos Marines were destroyed within 2 turns, as the IG allies kept their tanks off the board for the first turn. Bams devastator squad annihilated a terminator squad in the first turn and a lascannon shot from my tactical squad killed his Chaos Lord, and then the other two squads he had brought were finished off or killed in the next turn. Felt really bad but they were the deadliest troops on the table! The tanks came on and soon evened things up.

2 Leman Russ Executioner's were our bane, and slowly but surely depleted out forces til the last turn. I sent my Captain towards their objective, who on the way killed Iron Hand Stracken and some veterans, but was heavily injured and unable to continue his advance. Storm Shields are awesome though! Unable to capture our objective the tanks sent a barrage at our troops holding it and when the dust cleared there was one of Bams tactical troops still standing holding the objective. Bam did have a full tactical squad to bolster the position but we forgot to move them over in our last turn and were a tad lucky to get a draw! Awesome game though, Jase's death company were lethal on offence as usual but didn't last long, and it came down to a war of attrition.

Planning for Warhammer World shall be advancing tonight, the table is booked and we've got Fort Pain to fight for, should be immense! Look out for more posts soon, thats all for now.