Wednesday 28 March 2012

Latest WIP

So here we are, I've got two weeks to try and get everything I intend to take to Warhammer World ready. The problem? I still haven't written an army list. Oops! I made a rough one earlier and I can't fit in what I want to take, so I'm gonna have to cut things out. Not fun=/

One thing I'm definately taking, is my current pride and joy, Chapter Master of the Evandalists, Vincent Enniko. I know he's not amazing looking, but its as far as I've ever delved into the world of converting bar perhaps my Master of the Forge, and I'm pretty chuffed with it.

 The hair was my first ever attempt at hair, and I could never have done it without the legend that is Ron, the man behind From The Warp and this particular post about how to create different types of hair. Follow this mans blog, its essential!

Heres as far as I've got with Enniko. Basecoated pretty much, and I'll add some mroe texture to the base when he's looking more finished. The hair will be darker, I'll probably give it a couple of washes of badab black and maybe a ver light highlight with a grey of some kind. Checks will be added to the left shoulder pad, the right shoulder pad rim, and the left kneepad. The relic blade is from a boarding assault marine, which has extra length and looks the part. Unsure how to paint this, I am slightly temted with a marble effect, but I may be getting too ambitious! The storm shield was kindly donated by an unused assault termie, I cut away the outer rim to make it look more in size with a power armoured marine, and it looks ok. I then added a shoulder pad scroll thing to it, and also one to his groin area. 

Conversion wise his right leg was butchered to make it in a more elevated position, and I think its come off ok. Any feedback I can apply to future conversions would be greatly appreciated, so don't shy away! I'm happy with him anyway and will post more pics when he's completed. 

Also here is my finally constructed Forge World Chaplain Dreadnought. I love this model. Those huge wings and the small menacing skull are just awesome, and he'll be leading my dreadnoughts into battle in WW. I'm hoping to be able to afford another to have 5, so a combat squad of dreads=] I was tempted to paint him up like my Legion of the Damned, but I think I'll do him as a normal dread so I can get more use out of him. I may change my mind at the last minute however! 

I've got two Rhino's on the way too, plus I've tried saving a MK 1 Rhino that I'd painted up when I was about 17, lots of crap on there=/ He doesn't look too bad but theres a lot of scratch marks on there, so I'm gonna try and make him look likes he's seen a lot of action. He's an old rhino afterall! So 3 rhinos, 1 dread t finish and 1 to start, a land raider, and a few characters to get done in two weeks. Easy! *gulps*


  1. Great stuff, the colour scheme is excellent! I'm following this blog :-)

  2. Cheers man! I'm slowly getting through them in time for next week, going to Warhammer World to play in an apocalypse game, gonna be my first and a hell of a laugh!