Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Scouts with Camo Cloaks.

I've seen a few posts lately about camo cloaks, and how to paint them. This is my take on the awesome bit of kit!

I've gone for an urban look, as most of the battlefields at club and the one I'm intending on putting together will be more citybased. Shadow grey was the main colour, then black and white lines were added. I then washed with badab black twice to give a dirty effect but picked a couple of bits out with some thinned down skull white.

Heres one close up. They're not finished yet, but the cloaks are pretty much done. Just need to add some details and a couple of highlights then the bases, and le fin.

I've recently purchased a bunch of SM mini's and among them is new box snipers for less than a tenner. So a full squad of ten with a missle launcher is on the cards!


Welcome to a tonne of wip-pics of my Chapter, the Evandalists. I've also been working on a background too so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. I've not finished anything yet, instead wanting to concentrate on getting basecoating and working up from there.

First off is the start of a command squad. I've been using the powerfist marine and champion model as a captain until I convert a dedicated on up. The Apothecary is one of my oldest painted models in the army, from about 12 years ago. He looks a bit rough but I love him enough to keep him as he is. I'll add some more close combat marines to these and obviously a captain or chapter master model too.

This is my second tactical squad, with plasma gun and multimelta. I've now got three tactical squads upto this point and have another two to start working on when I can. Pretty happy with the way the faces are coming along.

My land speeder! I never really intended to buy one of these but in a visit to GW Newport just before Xmas I just ended up buying one on a whim. It hasn't performed too well in the two games its been used but I'm getting to grips with it and it shall pay off one day! Still a lot to do as you can see but basic colours are down

I love these guys. Plasma Cannos are the deal! Another face I'm very happy with, love the sergeant model. Planning on adding another 5 to these to have a full ten man squad, should look good.

One of my scout squads.

Lightning Claw armed CA Terminators. I've also got 6 thunder hammer wielding Termies too painted upto this standard. These have done me pretty well in past games, just haven't had a chance to use them in smaller games. Teamed up with a relic blade and storm shield toting chapter master in a land raider they'll do some damage!

And finally my dread. He was sort of part painted from years ago, so he's not perfect but I enjoy seeing him lumber around the battlefield. I need to neaten the checks up a little more but he's well on his way. Along with a twin linked lascannon dread I've got, Theres also a brand new one yet to be put together to add. Can't wait to have choice as to what to arm my dread!

Monday Night Gaming!

And welcome to a much better update than the previous weeks! (which was a week late and didn't have many pictures!)

This week we had some 40k and Necromunda to play. First up here was Alun's Grey Knights v the Space Wolves of Morgan. The first game went completely Morgan's way. The space wolves lost just a few models but the grey knights were annhilated, ouch! The second game was closer but I think the grey knights took the win. All round, a good result for both as they're teaming up for the Five Dragons tourney up in Warhammer World in just a couple of weeks. Hope they do better than they have been!=D


Long Fangs

Gunning down


Surveying they field of battle

Next up was newcomer Mike with his Blood Angels against the smelly marines of Andrew.

Both forces looked quite balanced

Nice LOS

This Rhino took a beating!

From what I remember this sergeant took out 4 death guard on his own.

This is Bam who's hoping to get into playing soon when hes amassed himself a small force.

I think the result was 6-5 to the Blood Angels on killpoints, so a cracking first game for Mike! I think Andrews mind may have been slightly side tracked by his latest projects though....

These recovered and now infested Nurgle vehicles!

Andrew stripped this rhino and got to work with the green stuff, and fair play it looks stunning, cant wait to see it painted!

Love the little details like the crew caught trying to escape the rot of nurgle. Awesome

Also Andrews doing up, or doing down you could say, this Land Raider. He's planning to add a bell over the front, influenced by the bells of the skaven in WHF. Can't wait to see this finished!

Onto my two games of Necromunda! First up was a rescue mission for Owains Arbites. I lost a few men, but managed to make Owain bottle out before I did. Unfortunately I lost my Gang Leader, Brutus Beekcake. Expensive to replace but I had too, I'd miss LD 8!

My heavy was exceptional and leveled up. BS4 anyone?=D

The second game was a gang fight between my Goliaths, Owains Arbites, and Morgan's (busy bugger!) Delaques. Yes thats my scout doubling up as a bounty hunter!

This game was brutal. Morgans gang got caught between a couple of my best fighters who took down two of his gangers and Owain who took down 3. He voluntarily bottled out as he only had a couple of gangers left! Wise choice you weak sneaky git! Attentions turned to me and Owain. Unfortunately, I couldnt get my best fighters into the fray quick enough to try and take a couple of arbites out and bottled out as the weaker members were systamatically taken out by the enforcers. Damn them! Revenge for executing their old colleague no doubt. I had 5 guys taken out and have yet to roll for injuries, so expect me to bemoan losing another gang leader next week!

All in all though a fantasic night of gaming, 40k for me next week though!

Monday Night Gaming!

So this was last weeks gaming from the 23rd, late I know but I've been a busy beast. Didnt get to take many pics as I was playing against my BA controlling nemesis Jason, but heres a few pics.

Finally had a game of Fantasy! Tomb Kings versus either another Tomb Kings force or an undead force of another kind. Nice to finally see some regiments lined up battling!

Next up we had the father and son rivalry between Andrew's Nurgle Marines and Jordans Necrons. I believe Jordan won and kicked his old mans ass, which is what we wanna see! Cue many sentances containing 'Necrons' and Bastards' from Andrew with a wry smile afterwards.

This was my game against Jason, and shows my deployment. There were 3 objectives, in the centre (the D4), the Statue and the broken Rhino. I concentrated on getting the nearest objective, and hoping to use either the land speeder or assault troops to get the centre or enemy objective.

The game was a mix if ups and downs. I made some good moves but also some terrible, and the terrible cost me the game. Just goes to show I need to play more to iron out those silly mistakes! Almost took Astoroth out but he contested my objective to sneak a win for Jase. Close and incredibly fun game!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Game Night.

And I'm against my mates Blood Angels. Ouch. So his death company and assault squads against...

Well I've gone for balance. Chaplain with 5 assault marines, 2 tactical squads, devastators, dreadnought and a land speeder. Flexibility shall be my strength!!!

Expect pics tonight if I remember!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Background Design Brief.

Thought I'd share about some choices I've made regarding my Chapter.

First of all, they're young. maybe two-three centuries old. Hence one reason why in most battles, I'll take at least 5 scouts. Secondly, the experienced officers such as Chaplains, Chapter Masters etc are from other chapters who have earned enough respect and esteem to be promoted and had no room to become that position in their own chapter and thus given an opportunity to lead a new army. The reasoning for my paint scheme comes from this. To honour the chapters that the legion has, in effect, been born from it uses a fairly random colour scheme based upon red, blue, purple, black and white. Also, in honour of the Master of the Forge who came from the Iron Hands many marines chose to paint parts of their armour metal. The original Master of the Forge was one of the earliest officers to join the chapter and therefore one of the most respected, but was killed saving perhaps a couple of companies in a battle.

Because I'm fairly inexperienced in 40k, I've decided the easiest tactic is to shoot and then counter attack in close range firefights, so I'll prefer taking devastators over assault squads. I'm sure I've read that from the scout company many of these go into the devastator companies or squads of the other companies, so that fits in with my play style and story of there being more scouts and so more devastators.

I'm soon recieving a Squat Techpriest model, and am going to try and incorporate him into my army with a small story about a chaos warband attacking a cloaked planet. The cloaked planet had a stronghold of squats, and the chapter saves them. The squats are then revleaed to still hold true to earlier stories that they're part-Imperium and still have much respect for the Emporer, much like the Space Marines. Plus, the tech priests shared love with my old master of the forge and who will be his replacement sees a gift to the chapter of an acient conversion beamer. Hence why my Master of the Forge conversion has one, and while he doesn't have the usual parts for a techmarine this is due to his general youth compared to many other Master of the Forges. So a less decorated and modified marine model. This is something I intend with a lot of my models, as I'm not a huge fan of loads of decoration on the mini's the general youth of the chapter would also show them to not have taken part in many battles and not having so many awards/honours bestowed upon them. Hopefully!

I'll also perhaps do another short story about the Legion of the Damned, as I'll be painting up a squad to go along with the LOD sergeant I've already finisehd. Love the look of these so they'll deffo be in somewhere.

If anyone reads this and has any ideas then please share!

Monday Night Gaming!

Its Tuesday, which means update from last night time. Three games last night and some painting... evidence provided!

The following pic is the Necromunda table, with myself and Owain doing battle, Goliaths vs his Arbites.

It was quite a close battle, but I managed to make the arbites bottle. I had 4 fighters down but managed to take his under half strength before he could cause any more casualities, I didn't like how effective arbites are! In Owains first turn he took down two juves and a ganger. Ouch! My Ratskin Scout has rolled well with +2 WS, know what he'll be doing in games=D Only one advance, which I think was added WS to a ganger. Few other gang members close to levelling up and the Arbites have to rescue a patrolman in the next game, should be fun!

We also had a 2x2 40k game, Grey Knights and Space Wolves vs Grey Knights and Imperial Guard. Bloody Knights everwhere!

I think The IG+GK combo won, but it was fairly close. I'll have to make sure and edit this when I know exactly. Entertaining to watch though, plenty of banter too! Morgan and Alun, who had the GK and SW combo are taking part in a welsh tourney at Warhammer World in Feb called the Five Dragons Tournament. Fingers crossed for em! Think a couple of other club members are going too, more info next week.

Evidence of painting! Heres Owain finishing off his Slaanish Land Raider And Kasey painting her Lizardmen, which are looking good!

Real Marines wear pink. Apparantly.

We also had a Chaos vs Chaos match, pretty good from the sounds too!

I believe Mike won, who is on the left, with one objective and one contested whereas Andrew only had one contested out of the three after losing one to a bold charge by Mike's Chaos Lord. IF memory serves me right anyway!

Also, a couple of close ups of Andrew's Nurgle Marines, noice!

Hopefully in the weeks to come I can get a little set up to take some better pics, because the models derserve better quality images! These were taken on a little digital compact so I'll have to get the SLR out. Andrews army looks outstanding though fair dues!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

When you plan a game, you have certan stratergies in mind. When you arrive for that gameand its been changed... you adapt. Or fail badly like me! From a 2 vs 2 battle onto a 5 person free for all, where only special characters can earn victory points. Crap. I don't have special characters! I used the rules for Lysander and had a suitable looking Terminator instead. Other characters were Draigo, Njal Stormcaller, Skulltaker, and Astoroth. Ouch!

The table, Most of my forces would deepstrike or come on from reserve. Blood angels down the bottom near me in the big building, Grey Knights nearest and Space Wolves in between me and Grey Knights. Deamons also all in reserve!

Njal and his terminators ran in the first turn after a dreadknight vapourised a few of them... Sucks for them!

Bloodthirster vs Death Company, close fight.... until Astoroth turned up and killed it

Draigo killed my Lysander, and these two had a long winded battle and on the last turn had a wound each...

Spot the theme... Astoroth turned up and duly butchered Draigo. Jason, who controlled the Blood Angels had 998 points at the end from kills with Draigo, compared to me and Morgan having none and the deamons and grey knights having less than 500 each I think. Crazy battle but good fun if not suited to my army at all! Curse special characters!

Owain, who runs a blog on my links, had a land raider to stick together for his Slaanish army. Can't wait to see this painted as pink will be used!

Next week me and Owain will be playing some Necromunda, he'll be using Arbites and I'll crack my Goliaths out who'll be using wrestling names. Should be a laugh! Was hoping to find my Cawdor or Van Saar gangs but they're missing.

Look out for a WIP post in the week as I've been painting!

Monday, 2 January 2012

My Gaming Genesis.

Thought I'd do the odd retrospective post here, and today I'm going to share the first miniatures I ever bought. After being introduced into the hobby by my brother in law, he purchased Blood Bowl and I got to use his Human team. It was soon to be my 14th birthday and and the team that were released around then were the Skavenblight Scramblers. Rats? Playing fantasy football? Hell yeah! Around that time I had a pet rat, and it seemed like a good choice. Thought I'd do the odd retrospective post here, and today I'm going to share the first miniatures I ever bought. After being introduced into the hobby by my brother in law, he purchased Blood Bowl and I got to use his Human team. It was soon to be my 14th birthday and and the team that were released around then were the Skavenblight Scramblers. Rats? Playing fantasy football? Hell yeah! Around that time I had a pet rat, and it seemed like a good choice.

The mini's were awesome, the Thrower, Stormvermin, but my favourite was the hunched down gutter runner. and so Long Gone Lemmy was born. He's probably the highest scroing player I've ever had against my bro and until his untimely death he was the fastest rat in the old world. At least in my old world anyway. I bought several other teams after these, including Chaos, Dwarf, both Elf teams that were then available and later on the Orcs and Humans, but the Skaven are still close to my hobby heart. I still have them and they look pretty terrible!

And there are three members of the Crookback Critters. I got my first ever win with these guys but fair play, they look so worn, check the metal showing through!

So what about you people? What were the first models you bought?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year and Things to Come....

So first of all, Happy New Year. 2012 is here, and this is going to be my gaming year. I'm looking forward to my first game of 40k in Warhammer World, yet to be organised but definately happening! I'm also looking forward to expanding my Space Marines with some tactical squads and a couple more Land Raiders, I'd love to have a squadron of three for apocalypse games all filled with Terminators=D Wondering what else to get, so suggestions appreciated!

So what have I been upto?


A squad of devastators have been well needed, not just as a squad but also to add different weapons to my tactical squads depending on who I'm facing. Plasma Cannons will be good against a range of enemies, an extra lascannon never hurt(unless you're against me=D) and a heavy bolter seemed a good choice for its cheap points cost and usefulness against infantry. And they look awesome.

I've never been that tempted to buy a Land Speeder, but after a quick visit to GW in Newport it just jumped out to me. The weapons I've chosen are so I can either deploy from the start to give supporting fire to troops advancing, keep in cover until enemy are in range or deep strike and use it as a tank hunter with its multi melta. Assault Cannons are the best!

And then we have this guy. This is my version of a Master of the Forge with the rare Conversion Beamer. The main body of the gun is a lascannon, with missile launcher and a couple of other random parts. I may add to this as the bottom looks a little thin, but we shall see. I've used the end of the lascannon barrel too as I figured it may have been a precurser to the Laser weapons that we see in 40k today just to tie it in a little. I've decided from the start that I don't want too many honours on any of my models like you get with the Captain mini's or any of the characters for that matter, and try to keep things simple by using colour schemes suitable. He'll be predominantly red but I'll put some of the other chapter colours in there too. Going to look for a few more bits to add, just to make him look a little more techpriest based but I'm pretty happy with how he is and may end up painting him out of excitement.

Expect to see these guys getting some paint on soon and hopefully some more finished models. I'm gonna try save up and get some Legion o the Damned models too to paint and go with my LOD sarge. I've also got a Squat Tech Priest coming from a win on Ebay, so looking forward to maybe incorporating him into my army with some back story that I'm also currently developing.

Busy times ahead! Have a good year and I'll post some more wordings soon!

Happy New Year!