Thursday, 28 May 2015

8k Batrep and Assassins Progress

Well hello there! Welcome to another Death By Die post, this time an update on the assassins from the Execution Force boxed game and a battle report! 

Heres how the assassins are looking so far, still some details to get done but they're almost there! 

Below is the Vindicare assassin, like I said some neatning up is needed but you get the general idea on how they'll look. I've yet to play the game but used this game in the following battlereport and he did well.

Heres the Eversor assassin, I wasn't sure whether to go for the traditional bone skull or go dark grey with the rest of the body suit, but thought the bone would stand out more. Can imagine an unsuspecting target seeing the skull floating int he air several feet away from him, only for it to zoom forward, claw lunging for their face and skull laughing like Skeletor! 

So the batrep was a doubles game, myself and Shaun with his Imperial Fists against a Death Guard/Khorne combo with Rhys and Chris. Chris also had his newly converted Khorne Knight with him, yikes! 2l points per army, so 8k in total! I used White Scars tactics, factoring I'd get close to whatever was coming at me and boltering/grav'ing my enemies to death. Then against Chaos I wondered if this was a good idea as they're better in combat! We dployed first, and I took the right while Shaun set up on the left, both of us sharing the middle.

The enemy answered with Chris' Knight deploying against Shaun, whose army consisted of mainly bolters, and my bikers found themselves against 10 Nurgle terminators with not only a Chaos Lord (represented by Mortarion) but Typhus too. Their central consisted of a strong force of Chaos Marines with 2 units of havocs with autocannons and some weapons platforms. I scouted forward and in the first turn took 7-8 terminators out due to a few bolt guns fiding the weak points in the armour and the gravs crumpling away the millenia old terminator armour. The Weapon platforms were destroyed before they could fire, and Shauns Honour Guard unit reupted from their Krohmus Guard borrowed Redeemer to leap into assault with infiltrating chaos marines, who were cut down by the verterans in yellow.

The second turn saw the Knight beocming a threat as it charged forward... but not quite far enough to attack Shauns lines. A chaos vindicator was finished off from a combined strike of my deepstriking dreadnought and some Imperial Fists supporting fire. Typhus, the Chaos lord and remaining terminators lurched forward, a plague wind killing a couple of my bikers who responded with more bolter/grav fire and then Khan (at least my version of him) charging in. Khan however took 2 wounds with Khan unable to wound the mighty Chaos general. The terminators were finished off however and the white scars retreated via their hit and run ability. 

With the Chaos Knight almost on Shaun a lot of fire was poured into it. Most of Shauns shooting proved ineffectual but my two lascannon armed predators were able to take a few hull points off, my storm talon adding to the weight of fire. IT was not enough however... and it stepped forward into the Honour Guard. 

My assault Squad failed to get into combat, and were then shot up by the Chaos Marines they were about to target and lef tme with my Captain wounded and one assault marine left. My Dreadnought was destroyed by Chris' Terminators who then pursued the Knight to back it up, but the Havocs entrenched on an objectiv were left with just he champion from the Fists suppressing fire. My bikers lined up the Chaos Lord and finished him off as my main unit revved around the landing pad to charge the unit that had initially been the target of my assault marines, wiping them out to a man. More Havocs were butchered, some by my captain and remaining assault marine others by the storm talon. 

Thats a lot of firepower for a chaos lord to withstand! 

The honour guard clinged on for life against the onslaught of the Knight, the captain unable to dent the machine with his power fist. The Chaos left flank had crumbled though, and Krohmus Guard were flooding over to support the Imperial Fists. 

With just a couple of the honour guard left along with their captain, my jump pack captain and shauns contemptor rushed in to aid the fists. The contemptor failed to dent the great machine, who aimed his attacks at the Imperial Fists commander who barely avoided the blow. As my woundeed captain was about to land a blow with his mighty thunder hammer the Chaos Knight staggered back the Fists Captain punching a great hole in the machines knee setting off a chain reaction of explosions. Then this happened.

Extreme pie plate moment! My captain was killed in the resultant ecxplosion, where everyone else survived... typical! haha. The Fists captain had finally delivered the blow he'd been unable too, and finished the machine off. 

I forget the final score but myself and Shaun had won by a good margin, and the field was ours. It was so good to have a nice sizeable game of 40k again though, its shown me how much I've missed playing the game. Fingers crossed at club we'll be able to get a club Chaos army, and when Aluns back I'm gonna see if he fancies doing a campaign or something. See how it goes anyways!

Now, IU couldn't leave without having a couple of pictures of Chris' Knight.

Apart from using some spare Chaos bits I think he said the head was taken from the new Bloodthirster model, and it fits it incredibly well. Such an evil looking beast!

Even though I did a lot of damage to it it took a hell of a beating to destroy, and it makes me fancy a Knight of my own to suppoert my Marines. Maybe in the future we'll see a Krohmus Guard Knight!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Scum and Villainy Progress

'This blog post is a wretched hive for scum and villainy. We must be cautious'

 Ah the Scum and Villany, the third faction for Xwing came out a little while ago yet failed to post my progress so far. I hadn't intended to add any weathering to the models but they looked to flat and as my highlighting skills aren't great weathering is a great way to add some edging to models... so out came the silver!

Let it be known, I'd pay plenty of Galactic Credits for some Scyk Interceptors. I didn't fancy these when I first saw the stats, but playing them they're so much fun. You can make them heavy therefore adding cannons, they're quite survivable especially if you take Serissu, who is the opposite of Howlrunner in which nearby ships get to reroll an evade dice and I just love flying them around the board. I've gone for a purple and light grey scheme, but I'm undecided yet whether I like the yellow for the canopies. I'm kinda tempted to go for a cherryish red.....

Heres the Starviper, a ship I've only run once but it didn't seem too bad. The only grey I've added on here was for the weapons and engine, I quite like the panels/wings plain as the metal contrasts nicely with the purple. 

And finally the IG. This ship is also incredibly fun to fly, and whiles its a big ship, you can't fly it like one, its just not quite as durable as the Slave, Falcon or certainly the Decimator. But it can do so many good things. I'd love to get another to try out some of the awesome combos that A, B, C and D can do, plus they look awesome. Its a cross between Galactus and Cyclonus. Don't know em? Google!

So thats how Scum looks so far, little touch ups and whether to redo the canopies and they'll be finished. I don't plan on adding much more as I can use a lot of my rebel ships with them if I wanted to play a big game but another IG might be nice.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Krohmus Guard Space Marine Chapter

 Behold, the Krohmus Guard Space Marine Chapter. I recently took everything out as I wanted to see how much repairing I'd need to do but luckily, theres nothing too major. Few missing weapons/backpacks, not much else.

I'm not sure how many points I have in total, but they're not far from the 10k mark. Notable parts include...

Battle Company
Adeptus Stormwing
5 Dreadnoughts
3 Lascannon toting Predators
20 Legion of the Damned

Its all painted to at least tabletop standard but theres still a lot to do to finish models off, and theres always the temptation to add to the army too. Knight, new Command Land Raider perhaps... So many options... another being adding a second Battle Company. Yeah I'm starting to get that nuts!

Obviously the most recent additions are the Assassin Execution formation from  the boxed game but I have two already so not sure if more than one of any kind can be used but the new models will probably take the place of the old, which means I may sell the old ones and have more cash to invest into new models. I'm quite possibly selling my Imperial Guard force too, its only about 1000pts so will see what I can do with that.

Theres definately something about getting the army out though, will need to get some fixing done soon as this summer I'm hoping to work out everything I have and use it in a game, gonna be a big one! I'll be updating the background of my army soon too, how it works, some history etc. 

Where do you guys think I should head next? More scouts? I've got another ten Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators here I may paint up, perhaps a first company too? I think I'll go crazy!


Finally, we get to see Sigismund, Roboute... and a Titan. 

First of all credit to Lil Legend Studio who is at the Warhammer World Open Day at this moment in time uploading pictures, go follow him for more and hes an amazing commission painter to! Less words now, heres pictures!

So what do we all think? Guilleman looks quite regal, Sigismund looks bad ass, the Ordinatus, I just want one to make other things out of... and the Warlord... Wowser! Chaos Knights too!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Space Marine Command Tanks + Update

Well, talk about feeling like a stranger in your own house!

Yes folks, its been a while since an update has taken place on this very blog, but theres been a lot happening. Unfortunately not enough hobby wise! But rejoice, for there has been some goings on. 

First of all, as a huge Space Marine fan I'm gibbering and foaming at the mouth over these new additions to the Astartes.

Behold the Command versions of the Rhino and the Land Raider.  The pintle mounted plasma guns intrigue me, but the thing I like the look of the most is the Graviton gun on the Land Raider. I'm hoping its a grav cannon, that'll be an awesome addition to the tanks armament and I'll be scooping one of those up!

I actually started to put together a box of the new tactical marines earlier this year, but so far only have this guy painted up to some sort of standard. He was used in a little tourney I participated in a couple of weeks ago which I'll have more info on in a bit. I've got another 5 marines built but so far no paint on them either. 

I did get my grubby shovels on this too. I'm still yet to play or build any of the models but I've always been an Assassin fan so felt this was a needed purchase. The quality of the board and models is stunning, and I'm intrigued that its also one play too. When I've had a few games on my own and with people, I'll share some thoughts!

Its been a while since I've played 40k, so when I heard that the Crow Valley Crusaders in Cwmbran were holding a nice little tournament I had to get down there for it. 1500 points per army, 3 games played over the day. I didn't really hope to win or anything but I did want fun as I'd been missing the game a little. 

My first game was against Ultramarines, and a player called Shane I believe. My first turn went pretty well, taking out 4 of his fivce devastators, two centurions and a few other marines. He hit back hard though and we got bogged down into a game of who can make the most armour saves. And for the first time, I actually won that stand off! Such a close game though and if the game had finished early I'd have lost but was able to grab the relic and get a win. Thats better than expected already!

My second game was drawn and lo and behold, it was Mike! Yes the same Mike that myself and Alun has had some run ins against, this time against his jetbike heavy Eldar army. Another stupidly close game but this time edged by Mike claiming my objective and being unable to get to his. As always though we had a lot of fun, and much blood was shed! His Fire Dragons saving 11 hits from a heavy flamer toting Dreadnought only for my thunderfire cannon to flatten them in a devastating bombardment. Damn those Dire Avengers though!

My third and final game was against Byron, who was using Dark Angels. His first turn went well as he killed my Thunderfire Cannon, Missile Launcher Devastators and Lascannon armed predator. I almost wept! I did manage to get back in the game though, I blew up his land raider with a single meltagun shot and my storm talon came on to down his nephilim, and the game swung back and forward until I just managed to wipe him off the board. Another user of centurions and they were pretty effective in this game as Byron managed to get closer to me and use those devastating grav cannons to full effect. Really close game though but a second win!

As the results stood at the end Mike and Scott had won, both using Eldar and I finished in a rather good 5th place out of 11. The best bit though was every game was close and every opponent was fantastic to play against. Having not played for a wee while its always a bonus to come back and play three games in one day, all of which were immensely fun. I need more 40k!

Lastly from a couple of weeks ago a game of Xwing myself, Bam and Louis played at club.

With Scum coming out (which reminds me that I'll have to show off my repaints at some point) we now have three factions for three player games. Louis took Scum, I took Rebels and Bam took the Imperials.

It was an edgey game with all of us worried who'd make the first move, Louis splitting his forces to attack both me and Bam. As our forces reacted we ended up in a fierce firefight and left Louis after a couple of his headhunters were blown up. His Slave One was unmolested and by the time me and Bam had finished slapping each other it was easy pickings for Louis. I was wiped out first, then Bam. Really good game though and the dynamic is much different to a regular two player game of Xwing.

The new ships coming out look great too, already eyeing up a K-wing, Hounds Tooth and the Kirhaxz Fighter. Hopfully some more news on when they'll be out will arrive soon.

Anyways thats the end of this update, hopefully the next won't be so far in advance!