Wednesday 22 February 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

Yeah you know its here, the latest edition of Monday Night Gaming from Tredegar Wargames Club. This week we had 3 battles, one fatasy, and 2 40k fights. We also had a few people painting away too which was good to see!

The first game was Morgan's Empire army against Iain's Dwarfs. I didnt get to see any of this and unfortunately have no pictures, but Morgans army apparantly took a beating. Good to see the Dwarfs, and a possible future choice of mine win.

Next up we had Jordans Necrons and Carls Grey Knights team up against Andrews Death Guard and newcomer Chris' Space Marines, they may have been chaos mind I'm unsure! From what I've been told the Death Guard and SM's took more of the casualties but ultimately claimed victory by having more objectives. Will look forward to seeing how Chris develops and what army he plumps for, early thoughts were World Eaters.... Yikes!

And so heres my battle against Alun, 9th place winner in the Five Dragons Tourney at Warhammer World. I'd built my army to face his Grey Knights, so heres a rough list of what I took...

Captain w/ relic blade and storm shield, 5 assault termies in a land raider, chaplain and 5 vanguard with jump packs, power weapons and storm shields, vindicator, land speeder, 5 scout snipers, 3 tactical squads, and 5 devastators with 2 plasma cannons. Then Alun announced on the night he'd brought Imperial Guard. More Yikes! If I could have changed my list then Vanguard out and a regular ten man assault squad in, possibly a predator with anti infantry. As it was I played with the list I had as you never know what who you fight and cant always plan for battle, a challange!

We decided we wanted a game with a good basic narrative, so Alun said he wanted to do a last stand sort of fight and try to get his HQ to survive the battle. We kept it simple by having kill points but getting bonus points for killing each others HQ's.

Face off! Vindicator for the most part hit the Leman Russ and kept stunning it, but didnt do any serious trouble. A leman russ not shooting is good for me tho!

The Imperial Guard defend their heretic female commissar, some deamon whore of Slaanesh no doubt!

Land Speeder is wiped out, and the vanguard move in and utterly destroy a large squad. They in turn get slaughtered next turn from the combined fire of 3 Leman Russ tanks and various small arms fire. They took a pounding! Unluckily for Alun he cause several casualties on his own side from scattering battle cannon shots. I laughed though!

My dreadnaught didnt do too badly, doing some damage to two tanks and the terminators did well immobilising one tank, taking down some storm troopers and then in the final turn destroying another Leman Russ. Good innings! Both of our HQ's had been butchered and it looked close.... a quick tot up of the kill points and I'd edged uit 11-7, phew! Fantastic game though, thinking of organising some more narrative games like this in the future.

We've got a trip to Warhammer World in April coming up so planning is going on for that. We're looking at doing an apocalypse game, Chaos vs Imperial, and ideas are floating around as to what the battle is about. Should be an absolute corker though and I cant wait to see my (hopefully mostly) painted army on the stunning tables there. Cant wait!

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