Wednesday 5 September 2012

Boundaries of Wargaming

With all the changes going on at the club, its made me think about changes elsewhere in the hobby. The club, which has now been renamed to The Tredegar Reavers (much better I hope you agree!) will hopefully be joining the GCN within the next month or so, we're rebranding the website, and generally getting inspired. With all this, Dark Vengeance, and Games Day approaching theres a lot to look forward too. But it does make me wonder about other aspects of the hobby that could be expanded.

Games Workshop are starting to produce small clips that accompany new releases, which I'll be honest I find pretty cool. Hearing about inspiration for new rules and models coming straight from the cold one's snout. It really helps convey the thought process they go through to get to where they are, but I feel its something they may, and perhaps should, take a lot further. Why not produce a once a month 30 minute video where they all talk about the new releases, perhaps tease things that have been teased in White Dwarf, have interviews etc... With HD being readily available online its an ideal way to show off some models. They could even do this. When I was a teen, there was a videogames programme called Bad Influence. At the end of every show they used to show a few pages of text which included cheats, reviews etc in as many seconds. The idea was to record it, then pause it to read. Didn't work to be fair, but its something that could now be used. Just an idea!

Something I'm hoping to do soon is to get my videoblog underway. With how things are busy at the club, its been on the backburner but I did last monday capture some footage to put towards making us a promo film. As our hobby is incredibly visual and social, sometimes writing about it isn't the best way to represent... hence why the video which we can post about to entice new members. I'm also hoping that perhaps some members may be intrigued with doing a little talk every now and then, about new releases, rules, just a little topical debate I guess. After thinking about how GW could move forward doing video, its made me wonder if I can do the same.

Its been a while since I've felt so inspired about something, but being part of the club has done just that and I'm willing to put my heart and soul into it and the hobby. Why settle for the same old method when you could try something new and exciting? I'v ebeen watching some great v-bloggers on youtube, and I think its time to join them. Its time to be ambitious, its time to make an entity.

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