Tuesday 18 September 2012

White Dwarf and Rumours.

So the Cover for White Dwarf has been leaked, and here she is.

I really dig the look, looks sort of retro with its much simpler look but still modern and refreshing. I'm also happy to see the white background gone that has graced the last 12 or so covers! Its certainly a long way since this stout little fellow.

It does make me think though of a time before rumours and leaks. I love and hate seeing these with equal measure. I've been looking forward to seeing this since May, when I had an interview at the White Dwarf offices and was told and asked about a potential update to the magazine. I can't help but feel I'd have been much happier though if the first time I'd have seen the new cover when its lying in the hallway having just been posted... know what I mean? I don't always look too hard at rumours and leaks, because when these things do get released online or in WD it doesn't seem such an exciting prospect. But at the same time I still need to know about things asap! 

This may equate to me not posting anything else on leaks or rumours. As much as I have a thirst for all things new from Games Workshop, I don't think we need to make do with blurry pics and off hand rumours spread around 20 people as to what is coming out. Patience, is a virtue.

Oh well. Games Day is less than a week away, and I simply cannot wait. I know Ieuan from Sons of Isis will be there, but anyone else going? If so, look for a big hairy welshman with glasses and come say hello to Big Kev. Wait a minute... that sounds kinda rude...


  1. I'll be there too! Was going to get a thirst done up with my blog name on it but haven't had the time. What part of Wales are you travelling from? I'll be travelling from Cardiff setting off around half 6 and am getting ridiculously excited this week!

    1. Ah awesome man, you going on the coach with GW or getting up there yourself? I'm going from Brynmawr, mates driving. Can't wait! I've had as imilar idea with the tshirt, but lack of money this end has halted that haha. Are you from Cardiff then or nearby? I run a club in Tredegar, we're always looking for new members=D

    2. I'm making my own way up there. Just realised my phone corrected tshirt to thirst!
      Yeah I live in Cardiff, just checked out where Tredegar is, might be too far to come out regularly but I'm going to come up at least once before the end of the year to see your club!

    3. That'd be awesome man, first visit is free, after that its £3 to come play, we're also hoping to have a day of 40k again, although any game systems are welcome! If you're interested I'll let you know when we get a date. Are you on Twitter? search vandalworks and give us a follow and mention its you, I'll follow ya back. Easier to keep in touch there. How you going so early? Only about an hour and a half there isn't it?