Friday 21 September 2012

The White Dwarf Cover

So a nice res image of the White Dwarf cover. I'll be very inrigued to see this in the morning, but I thought I'd take a look at the cover.

Compared to recent years, its much more simplistic in its aesthetics. I love the new font used, I think it has a slight retro feel to it while still being new and fresh. The one thing that strikes me the most though, is the image.

For the first time, in a heck of a while, its not a painting. Thisis pretty big, as it means the models are getting shown off to the general public more than ever. Think about it. When a random person in a newsagents sees White Dwarf, they always saw an artists painting of a scene set in either the fantasy, sci-fi or Lord of the Rings setting. Now however, they actually get to see one of the most integral parts of our hobel, the miniatures themselves. Not just a design statement, but a marketing ploy. If people were unsure of the artwork, they'll now see what we use to battle and roll dice for on the battlefield. Something I've always wanted to see was a diorama of a huge battle scene, not a straight photograph as such, but a cleverly done montage dipicting a great war using the models themselves. Add some effects, gunfire, motion etc, and you could have something amazing.

It appears, from various leaked images, that inside has been simplified too. Another good step. I'll more than likely do a review of the magazine when I'm able too, as I have a busy weekend, including Games Day itself. It seems so far however that GW are sticking the adage: Less, is more.

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