Wednesday 19 September 2012

World Eaters Primarch

Is this the Forgeworld representation of Angron? We've seen many conversion and other companies doing their versions of the Primarchs, but is this the first official one for Angron in the Horus Heresy book? It certainly looks it... 

This is Angron on the cover of Black Libraries The Butchers Nails. Theres a derinate similarity, and the quality of the model, even in a low quality pic looks stunning. If this is a FW Angron, then I cannot wait to see what else is produced.


  1. Not saying that this guy isn't a quality miniature but everytime I've looked at him I think of the bad dude from ghost busters two! Y'know the head in the painting?!

    1. What, Vigo the Carpathian? He reminds me more in the butchers nails pic of what I think a Necromundan Pit Slave or Goliath Leader would look. Have you heard butchers nails? Tis awesome man, Lorgar is in there, along with Kharn, who is suprisingly soft spoken