Sunday 23 September 2012

Abbadon: Horus Heresy. FW WIP Pictures!

So I've been to Games Day 2012, and had a truly amazing time. I'll post a full report up either tonight if I stay awake long enough or tomorrow, but for now, I just had to share. 

Horus Heresy Abbadon work in progress courtesy of Forge World. I'd have got some more angles but there were a lot of people clamouring for a peek of this, and it did not disappoint! You'll also notice Loken charging up at him too, I presume they'll do them on seperate bases for gaming purposes, but what a duel this looks like, truly awesome.


  1. Brilliant pictures! I've been looking all over the place for good quality pictures of this duel, and I've finally found them!
    Just thought I'd mention, though, that that's not Loken - it's just a placeholder to get the pose right, whilst they sculpt Loken.

    1. Ah cheers man, didn't realise! Abbadon looks stunning fair play, I'd like to get some of the characters, and was tempted to try and collect them all til I saw the price of Angron! Bit too much, will have to be more selective!

      Did you go to Games Day? What were your highlights if so?

    2. No, didn't manage to get to Games Day in the end. :(
      On the other hand, my friend did, and he managed to come back with some Cataphractii Terminators! He spent a lot of time talking to various people, which is how I heard about Loken, and he also heard that Fulgrim will be the next one to be sculpted. Personally, I think I might try and get all of them eventually, although that will probably be over a 10 year period, because of the money involved.
      The highlight of Games Day, even though I've only seen it in photos, was the Forge World display board. It made me want to start a heresy-era World Eaters army there and then! It just looked absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to see it in person at the FW Open Day next year.

    3. Ah man, it was amazing. I think it was in one of the pictures I put on a blog I posted a bit more recently with loads of pics in. Lookd stunning, got a bit of it filmed too though only from one angle... Wanted to do a big video but one battery failed on me and couldn't risk going mad with filming. Gutted! I almost bought those termies, a Deimos predator executioner, but couldn't decide. I'm gonna save instead and paint what I already have then maybe convert a rhino into an executioner pred=]