Thursday 20 September 2012

Talisman Preview

I saw this rumoured about many moons ago, and then a teaser for it not so long back on the GW website. Well now we actually have some gameplay footage!

It seems very much a straight adaptation of the board game, which will please most people no end, me being one of them. I never got to play the board game, so this is something that really intrigues me. 

I've always considered myself as a wee bit of a videogames fanatic, as I co-host a videogames radio show at our local station BRfm where we have a two hour show every fortnight. As we know, GW have lisenced their games out before, with varying degress of success. Space Marine I felt was a great game, which borrowed from Gears of War as much as Gears borrowed from the 40k universe. I still own Final Liberation, a turn based stragey game based on epic, which I had immense fun on even though it not being that good. There was Shadow of the Horned Rat, Fire Warrior, Warhamer Online, Blood Bowl, Kill-Team and probably several more. It seems surprising in some ways that GW games haven't caught on more.... I look at the background for the games and its so rich and detailed I'm just waiting for a developer to come along and lap it up into what I've been waiting for. A pure triple A game. 

Will it happen? Maybe one day... but then again I've never been happier saving on batteries and rolling my bright orange dice.

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