Wednesday 19 September 2012

40k Game, For A Laugh.

So Monday night at club, I fancied having a chuckle and suggested to a couple of the lads about a smaller game. Morgan, in all of his wisdom, pointed us to the Battleforce Recon mission in the back of the rulebook. 500points, 1 HQ and 1 Troops. But we chose to play with one objective... in the middle! Thats small! As we set to our army lists, Mike organised a game of Space Hulk with one of the younger members of the club.

 Morgan and Alun, on their last night at the club before they leave to go to University, had a game of WHFB Chaos versus Bretonnions. I believe Alun won, but as you'll soon see, we all did!

Oh yes, Mike's wife Mary kindly baked this cake as a leaving gift for Alun and Morgan, and what a tastey delight it was too! Much Kudos Mrs Browning!

So onto the small game. This involved Chris with his Khorne Bezerkers, Louis with his Alpha Legion, and then me and Bam with our Space Marine armies. Make no mistake though, there are no alliances!

Rough lists were.... Louis took Typhus, a Dreadnought, and a squad of marines witht he mark of nurgle... toughness 5 and FNP?! Ahem.

Chris had a Daemon Prince, raptors, and bezerkers in a rhino.

Bam took a chaplain, razorback, vanguard, and a tactical squad.

I took 5 scouts with Telion, and a captain with a command squad. On bikes. Toughness 5 for me too and FNP with the apothecary! I hadn't used the bikes for a while, and with their speed I thought they'd be a laugh in a small game.

We set up, and I won the roll to go first. Noone stole the initiative so onwards!

I advanced as far as I could with the bikes, looking for a challange... Bam shot up Louis' army, taking two hull points off his dread, Chris advanced also. His Daemon Prince and Raptors headed towards me, and his bezerkers towards Louis, who in turn advanced also.

My bikers gunned their engines and hurtled headlong into the Daemon Prince, who had lost a wound on a failed outlandish charge attempt at my scouts overwatch fire. Two bikers died, and no wounds on the Daemon was caused. Ouch! I'd taken a Storm Shield for my captain, but I think I should have tried to find the extra few points for a power fist. Ah well! Bam dropped a Plasma Cannon shot on mine and Chris' heads, as, if you have no friendly models in a combat, you can target them! Ouch! I lost another two bikers but the Daemon Prince survived. Bam destroyed Louis' dread, and Louis advanced even more.

My Bikers were eventually defeated, but the Daemon Prince lost two wounds to scout fire and then Bams Lascannon finished him off. Louis teleported Typhus smack down on the objective, while his marines battled the bezerkers who had now been whittled down and lost their rhino. Bam, enjoying shooting into combat, dropped more plasma. Another 4 models gone! Louis eventually won the combat and the squad moved up to support typhus. Mine and bams fire continued to whittle them down slowly, and Chris deep striked his 3 terminators down and shot at Typhus. Typhus, now on one wound and on his own, finishes off the Termies and shrugs off all firepower aimed at him. Chris, in a last ditch attempt charged in with his last reminaing model, a Chaos Raptor, and killed Typhus! We totalled up the victory points, and it finished with Bam and Chris on 2 points each. What a game! I think we all enjoyed it, and the army selection did make a couple of the guys think a bit more too.

So all in all a good day! We're now 3 members down due to university, but we're still gonna have fun. If you live in South Wales and fancy popping along, go to the Tredegar Reavers website for details or gimme a shout on here.

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