Monday 10 September 2012

Librarian? Vidarian More Like!

Ladies and Elven folk, oh wait, same thing.... Gentlemen, here is my first ever videoblog! It won't take over this, although I shall post updates here. But it is another way of expressing, communicating and being part of a hobby I love. The plans are to get the club involved, battle reports, discussions etc... hopefully we shall entertain and delight you, but thats high ambitions=] 

Hope you enjoy.


  1. Good show old bean! Keep 'em coming. and kudos to whoever painted those wonderful slaanesh marines, he must be some sort of genious ;)

  2. She is a genius! She has fine long ginger locks, and eyes any man would want to wake up to. HA!!!

  3. Great video mate, really like what you've done. Games day isn't long away!

    I've got a pocket camcorder that takes 1080p and I can record on it for 6 hours, maybe it can come in handy?

    And thanks for the shout out!

    1. Ha cheers dude! Its alright for a first go, learned a little from it already so lets see if I can put that into effect=]

      Ah man use it! Can't wait for Games Day, my Mam needs to find the tickets though cause she kept them safe somewhere as it was a birthday pressie... Doh! And the shoutout... had to be done man!