Wednesday 29 August 2012

The Tau Are Coming.....

Thats right, Tau are coming to this very blog, as allies to my Evandalists, and as a force in their own right. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and having a wee bit of money and a couple of Games Workshop vouchers, what better way to spend than something fresh!

 So the colour scheme I've gone for is Loren green with a nice good wash of Agthrax Earthshade. Tau rarely use metals, so I've gone for grey on the weapons and tech, and so far I'm really happy with the contrast between the colours. I'm currently debating whether to paint the details in a colour or a similar grey, but one idea was as the colour scheme reminded me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to perhaps paint different units akin to the Turtles themselves. So Blue for the leaders and elites, Orange for troops, red for fast attack, and purple for heavy support. Its definately tempting me but we shall see!


Stealth suits look awesome, these havea bti more of a ways to go before they're finished than the Crisis suits but I'll get there slowly. I think I'll do the eyes red, as I like the way green and red works together, and was how my Mordheim Raiders Blood Bowl team were painted, so its a wee nod to those.

The jet pack of the stealth suit. The closer you go the more tidying up you can see I've got to do... Yikes!

And lastly my Firewarriors. I love these guys, strength 5 basic weapons are goooood! They've done me well so far, taking down two terminators in overwatch fire, and taking down another 4 in one rapid fire shooting phase. Combat they do die easily but the shootyness outweighs this!

So thats the basis of my army, I've also got another 7 fire warriors for this squad and a Hammerhead. Earlier today though I had a random knock at the door, and it was Andrew from our club. He'd been clearing some of his old mini's out and came across some Tau. So now I've got another bunch of Firewarriors, Kroot, Krootox, Vespid, and a sniper team for the princely sum of £45. Score! I'm well on my way to a nice sized force, upto about 2000 points is my intended target. Broadsides and pathfinders next please!


  1. It's frightening how quickly you're painting these guys up!

    Awesome scheme too, green and grey are two of my favourite colours and that's and awesome idea to have them like the turtles lol

  2. Whats frightening is that I havent picked up a paint brush in a week! I am really tempted to do the Turtle thing, just a snippet of colour somewhere to indicate where they belong, and keep the details in grey/white. We shall see!