Thursday 5 April 2012

WIP HQ's, Chapter Master and Master of the Forge

More work in progress shots, this time of two of my characters. First up.... Vincent Eniko

He's coming along nicely, fell off his base the other morning and I almost cried, but a nice big blob of super glue saved the day! Added a lot more detailing since showing him the last time, and still a lot to do. The facial highlights I need to bring back a bit more, the sword I haven't even started, and of course, the base!

Kyrann Locker, Master of the Forge
My Master of the Forge is getting pretty much to the finishing line, the reason he doesn't look overly too techmarine-like is because the back story involves him being the youngest Master of the Forge to date for any chapter, and still has a lot of cybernetic implants to swap for his weak flesh. Or theres a lot of mechanical parts under the armour... Unsure yet! The weapon is my oen depiction of a conversion beamer cut and pasted from a lascannon, missile launcher, and a few other spare parts I had. Figuring the conversion beamer is a laser weapon I thought it would be cool to have it predating the laser weapons of now, hence the lasscannon parts. And it was all I had! 

I love the space marines sprues, they're absolutely amazing to convert and kitbash with, as I've seen on other blogs. If you have any interesting conversions please share with some links in the comment boxes! I'm always looking for more inspiration and reasons to get the knife and glue out for.


  1. The face on the chapter master looks great! And the hair sculpt is brilliant too, and as for that conversion Beamer, I love it! I'll see if I can did out my old attempt at a tech marine

  2. Do it man, I love seeing peoples conversions, your chaplain case in point!