Saturday 7 April 2012

Texture Paints + Lack of Time = Awesomeness.

So this morning, I went down to Cwmbran Games Workshop and picked up a couple of pots of Astrogranite, the texture paint. Wow. I love the stuff! Slap it on, give it a while to dry, badab black it, then some of the new Administratum Grey drybrushed and you've got nice and easy bases, which with 4 days left before I go to Warhammer World is the best thing ever. And heres why. 

Today I managed to get all these based while painting some other things too.

A whole tactical squad based, 4 characters, and two dreads done. Along with making a kit bash techmarine, painting said techmarine, and adding some other details I think I've done pretty damn good today. This doesn't include taking into account the 2 hour nap I had this afternoon. Score!

 So the chaplain dread is coming along nicely, not much left to do I'm happy to say! Finally got some stuff on the base and its helped bring it out even more. The broken rhino hatch still needs some wear and tear and a bit of highlighting, but not much else

Assault of the Ancients anyone? Hence why I need a techmarine!

HQ choices, from left is Orneus Gyozo, Vincent Eniko, and Kyrann Locke. Really liking how everything looks together. 

This is my new techmarine, kitbashed from tactical sprue, devastator sprue, and the vehicle accessory sprue. Oh and a terminator thunder hammer for good measure! He's not great don't get me wrong, but he shall do! He'll be leading my dreads into battle, so fingers crossed he'll survive a turn.

Tomorrow, I'm aiming to get the terminators and another tactical squad based, and hopefully get the land raider a little more finished. Time will tell! Plus after a nice big sunday dinner I may not be able to sit upright. Tis a challange I'm relishing though!


  1. Those bases look great! I bought a few paints (to paint some necron xenos scum) but forgot any texture paints!!

    Where did you get that leg for the tech marine? Awesome stuff!

    I really like your characters, did you sculpt the chaplains hair?

  2. Yeah the chaplains hair was sculpted, he's a model I've always liked but he's been painted 3 times now haha. The hair was my second attempt, theres still a bit of green visible when looked at closely but I'm not making a point of it=]

    The legs I found on ebay, they're from the Forge World space marine commander upgrade I think, will have to check though.

    The texture paints are awesome, today I did 11 terminators and a tactical squad in about 3 hours, including waiting for em to dry, so definately worth a look!

  3. Oh sweet! Today I'm working on scouts so I'll have a legal force to play with. All be it 400 points lol. I'm so annoyed I forgot to get some textured paint and then forgot to order it from the GW website when I was ordering a present for someone!

    You should put some close ups of your terminators up!

  4. Yeah I'll post some soon man, my time is spent painting at the mo! Club tonight so we're going to organise most of our team as much as we can plus I've gotta help my mate get his baal predator and storm raven fixed, no time to paint over there tonight! Been working on rhinos and crusader this afternoon... I'm starting to think I've always had paint on my hands lol.

  5. Haha I know the feeling, over easter I was going to build and paint my scouts. So far all I've managed is to convert the sgt to carry a combo-melta and that took me just I've an hour!

    I'm slacking big time!