Wednesday 18 April 2012

PlanetStrike and Gaming!

Well hello there! Monday night gaming this consisted of having a go at planetstrike for the first time, as the club bought the 40k expansion at its Warhammer World trip. Myself and Carl were to go against Alun, but Carl had to leave and so Morgans Space Wolves teamed with my Space Marines against Aluns Daemons, which included 5 daemon princes or greater daemons... Ouch!  We set up so each bastion was either side of the table, hoping to create a killing ground in the middle. Didn't work! Aluns Daemons, through clever (evil dickishly dastardly) use of icons in his units were able to deepstrike down very close to my forces whereas Morgan was fairly unmolested! The first turn and a DP took out a combat squad, luckily everything else was just out of range. My Captain and Termies charged in and butchered the daemon prince, score! Their consolidation was then a line up in front of two units of bloodletters, I could just imagine my termies and captain giving them the 'C'mon, charge us' looks. And they did!

Two units of bloodletters and a Blood thirster swept into my unit and caused devastation, but not before my captain wounded the bloodthirster earning its bloodthirsty respect. This wound was critical! The blood thirster then charged my land raider, and failed to dent it too much, so one plasma cannon and 8 bolters later the bloodthirster was dead, thanks to it having one less wound! Morgans guys were able to shoot at range until a Lord of Change started to rampage through his lines and destroy his bastion... but was then taken out eventually. I originally though defending against the daemons would be incredibly hard, but we had successfully stopped them. First game of planetstrike a win and a thoroughly enjoyable game!

Bam's Legion of the Damned and Chris' Khorne Bezerkers also played, and also looked like a bloody affair.

 Bam managed to get the winafter holding one objective and managing to either contest or wipe out the defendersof other objectives. Win for Bam!

We may be starting a campaign at the clob, small number of players so it will hopefully last. I however will be taking a backseat as I had an idea to run a smaller campaign to try and get some of the less experienced guys (myself included) more familiar with the rules. This will benefit us all as everyone starts to get to grips with the rules. Planning will be done for that! 

Painting wise I haven't done much since Warhammer World, a rest has been needed and Fez came out, which is an amazingly addictive game on the Xbox which tugged at my childhood... no, all time love for 2d Mario games. I am planning on getting my Terminators and assault squad more complete though as I intend to try out slightly more attacking forces in the future. 

Myself and Bam had a couple of games sunday, which gave me one draw and a win, and helped bam know a couple more of the rules for the game he played against Chris. Tuesday night I went to Jason, my Blood Angels nemesis! We played two games there, and surprisingly, I won both! I was able to prioritise targets well, my first round of shooting took out a dreadnought, and immobilised both his baal predator and the rhino carrying his expensive death company! After that I was able to handle what he could charge in. Second game was similar, dreadnought out in the first turn, and control taken by the third. Noice!

I'm hoping to write some fluff about the apocalypse game in Warhammer World soon too, especially as my Chapter Master seems to be doing pretty well for himself. He's slayed Imotekh, Astrogath and a fair few troops too, which for me is everything as I have purposefully chosen not to take a special character and create my own. He's creating a history already and will hopefully get to add plenty more!

Thats all for now, adios!

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