Thursday 19 April 2012

The Second Battle for Fort Pain.

What follows is my attempt at writing a story about our apocalypse game which we played on the Fort Pain board at Warhammer World. This is pretty much the first draft, and I'll update it more when I can. Any feedback is appreciated!

Imperial Forces were alerted to a Chaos fleet coming out of warp space in the sector that carried the planet Gnosis, home of the legendary battle of Fort Pain. Whatever evil artefacts were being uncovered had remained on the planets surface, and it seemed the Chaos forces were intent on obtaining these technologies. A combined force of Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Black Templars, Ultramarines and newly found chapter the Evandalists were sent to oppose these Chaos forces. The traitors were found amassing troops near the fabled Fort Pain, and so the combined Chapters created their defence. As dawn approached Imperial forces could hear the rumbling of heretic marines, and it was soon apparent that Chaos were not alone. The Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Black Legion, and the World Eaters were all present, and they had somehow allied themselves with an Evil Sunz clan, Necrons, and the vile Tyranids. The Eldar architecture that had been partly uncovered was put under high level defence, as rumours are that Ahriman wishes to gain access to the Eldar's Black Library.

As the evil alliance were ready for their assault the Imperial forces burst out and attempted to catch the vile allies off guard. As Land Raiders of the Templars, Space Wolves and Evandalists sped out Draigo and a large amount of paladins joined the fray, looking to spill the blood of the ancient enemy. First blood was claimed by the Evandalists, whose force of dreadnoughts where able to attack behind the Alpha Legions lines were able to destroy the Alpha Legion dreadnought and sought to give more time to the Imperium forces to get into combat. The dreadnoughts soon found themselves assaulted on all sides by Ork speed freakz led by Wazdakka Gutzmek, and although helped to give precious time were ultimately stopped and destroyed.

The Blood Angels forces combined Death Company proved highly effective against the Necrons, Death Guard and Tyranids, who were all slowly being wiped out by the Sons of Sanguinius. A huge Necron destroyer squadron were also destroyed by the Death Company, Dante himself was able to slay one of the dreaded C'tan, along with Necrons and Tyranids. Much of the Blood Angels force was able to relieve the beleaguered Grey Knights who were under attack from all sides but stubbornly refusing to give in.

As it looked like the Space Marines would carry the day, a Necron force teleported down in front of the gate, a monolith phalanx with none other than Imotekh the Stormlord leading a large number of Necron Warriors. Just as the Imperial Defenders started to concentrate fire on this new threat the Vile Nurgle Daemon Scabeiathrax the Bloated and the Khorne Daemon Ann'ggrath the Unbound materialised, and now it became clear just why the Grey Knights were present. They however had more pressing concerns.

Kharn the Betrayer and a sizeable force of World Eaters saw Draigo and charged into him and his paladins, and a huge fight erupted in the centre of the battlefield. Many paladins died but ultimately, Kharn was killed. Akos of the Faithless, part of the Alpha Legion warband involved in the battle, was able to kill a weakened Draigo, gaining revenge against Draigo from the Siege of Vraks.

The Despoiler himself looked to get into the fight, but a brave Ultramarines Chaplain was able to teleport nearby and threw one of the highly unstable but dangerous Vortex grenades, which stopped Abbadon for a short time as he looked to meed Logan Grimnar in combat. Abbadon looked out for a new target, and led his retinue craftily past the now swirling vortex grenade and was met by Marshal Darian of the Valican Crusade. The Black Templars held their own, and were then able to force Abbadon into retreat when Grey Knights assisted them and hurled back the Despoiler. With all his retinue dead, Abbadon teleported back to his ship. Horus' favoured knew that their mission was almost complete, and death would come to the Imperium soon enough.

A thick haze slowly rose amongst the Necron and Thousand Son's lines, where the fallen Warhound Titans head sat. The Chaos Marines looked to see where it had risen, but as the cloud became thicker out stormed Space Marines like ghosts, ethereal fire blazing across their armour and bolters spitting ghostly death. The whole of the Thousand lines and several squads of Necron Warriors diverted their attention to meet this new threat, and, after many vollys of bolter and guass fire, the squad of apparations slowly disappeared, the Sergeant laughing behind his skull-like helmet. Reports were scant about the Legion of the Damned being at Fort Pain, but it is believed a small number of the Blood Angels witnessed the mysterious Space Marines, with even Dante mentioning the Damned. It is said they only appear in the direst of times, was this battle something more serious than the Imperium could know about?

Behind the armoured walls of Fort Pain, several Chaos Dreadnoughts appeared, along with Death Guard and Alpha Legion forces. These were halted in advancing too far across the Imperial lines but then the ground tarted to tremor. It was here that a dread Bio-Titan entered play. Unable to stop the creature, the Space Marines tried to concentrate on the Chaos Forces and were able to deplete them, but the Bio-Titan was another matter. It stomped through the Imperial defence and slowly headed to the Eldar relics that were being excavated many years previous.

As Imotekh watched in horror as his monoliths were slowly being destroyed, Chapter Master of the Evandalists Vincent Eniko and his Terminator brethren launched into the Necrons with hate unseen. The Necron Warriors tried desperately to fight back but were all wiped out by the Evandalists, Eniko's own sword spearing the metallic form of Imotekh. Orneus Gyozo, one of the Chapters most venerated Chaplains lead another squad of Terminators into the Alpha Legion Lord and his Terminator retinue. The Chaos Lord laughed maniacally as his daemon sword hissed destruction, and Gyozo was brutally wounded.

Ahriman, leading his Thousand Sons at the rear of the enemy lines, seemed to be making sure one area of the battlefield was safe. A lone Space Wolves dreadnought caught the attention of the ancient psychic and knowing his men were too busy gaining control of whatever device or artefact they were ordered to take, he rushed in using a rare stasis power he had learnt from ancient texts. He kept himself and the dreadnought out of the battle until he knew his loyal follower had cemented control over whatever it was they were after.

Scabeiathrax and his plague bearers had found themselves their target, the Grey Knights, and made them pay dearly for their intervention, wiping them out. Ann'ggrath, looking for a skull worthy of his Lord Khorne was instead found by the Thunderwolf Lord Harald Deathwold, and a titanic combat ensued. Logan Grimnar and his Wolf Guard retinue were able to wipe out World Eaters, possessed, and an enormous scarab swarm, keeping them at bay with huge swings of axe and squashing the insectoid robots underfoot. A huge Obliterator Cult, which had been taking a toll on the Imperial force found themselves assaulted by a Wolf Priest, Blood Claws and Venerable Dreadnought, who managed to slay half of them until more bezerkers entered the fray and then destroyed those.

Kyrann Locke, the Evandalists Master of the Forge, controlled the combined Chapters devastators on the fortress gate and together they took a terrible toll on the enemy armour. Monoliths, Land Raiders and Rhinos all succumbed to the concentrated fire of the Space Marines heavy weapons. As the battle intensified, the combined Devastators turned to face the rampaging Bio-Titan. It had so far wiped out a huge number of the defenders and was on top of the excavation site, where it roared victoriously. Evandalists sergeant Yngbvar was able to break into one of the large excavating vehicles and while the devastators concentrated fire the Veteran was able to pierce its large body with the long arm that previously held up the Elder artefact, where it was eventually killed. Yngbvar was killed when the Bio-Titan exploded and covered the encroaching area with bio acid. His name shall be remembered in the Evandalists halls of remembrance, along with those who tried to stand in its way.

Much of the Chaos force was now defeated, Orks had turned tail, and Necrons had phased out. Scabeiathrax, whistling to himself, could see there was little else to do. The Grey Knights had been defeated and the Nurgle daemon was happy. He hummed a delightful tune as he and his retinue materialised back into the warp. The Blood Angels rampaged still through the Necron and Tyranid line, who, unable to stop the fury of the Sons of Sanguinius, now fled the field. The Chaos forces that had managed to sneak behind the fortress walls were slowly being taken out by Black Templars and Ultramarines, and the gateway was looking uncontested. The heretics were backing away under fire but the Imperial allies had suffered many casualties.

After the battle, each Chapter Master gathered, and it was discovered that the Thousand Sons were seen carrying something away on heretic transports while the Death Guard protected their rear. It seems whatever the Chaos Forces wanted, they had obtained. Was the Eldar architecture a feint and the true objective elsewhere? Inquisitor Silas, who himself battled a Chaos Dreadnought and won, asked questions of Dante about his sighting of the Legion of the Damned and was met with nothing but a cold look that he could feel through his Terminator armour.

The Allies knew this battle was possibly only the start of things to come. Whatever the Chaos forces had it could only mean destruction and menace for the Imperium.


  1. Cracking stuff! Really like it. I think it's an excellent idea getting fluff from battles fought. And for a first draft it's brilliant!

  2. Cheers man! Theres some bits I'll cut and paste here and there and perhaps flesh it out some more, see how inspired I am. Its good too, we'll hopefully be continuing on with the story by use of a doomsday clock. Any battle that has an Imperial vs Chaos theme will push the clock either way in favour of each side. When it gets to zero, somethings gonna happen!

  3. Ehem? forgotten about someone? a group of guys in pink and black?

    Great story man, I particularly liked the bit with the Legion of the Damned coming out of the wreckage of the warhound. but yeah... you may have forgotten about them but The Children of the Emperor have not forgotten you, Blastmasters to full power boys!

  4. Shit man I did too, there'll be another edit so I'll stick em in there... I blame you for using two forces=P Awesome day though. Can't believe your orks had to save Louis' dirty chaos guys against my dreads, should'a let me ave him!