Thursday 12 April 2012

Warhammer World!

Well! Warhammer World has come and gone, and I can honestly say in my first apocalypse game, I had a blast! It was incredibly tiring, due to the amount of players we had it was stop start, but it was still awesome! I think in total we had about 42,000 points worth on the table, and 8 players on each side. Heres a few photos from the day!

For all the images I've taken please visit my flickr to see all 102 pictures!

Highlight for the day was my Chapter Master and 6 Thunder Hammer Terminators taking on Imotekh the StormLord and 20 Necron Warriors and wiping them out in a single turn, well happy! My dreads earned the first kill point for the game, but were'nt the most effective. Two tactical squads were wiped out by a bio titan, although one sergeant almost wounded it with a plasma pistol shot, and my chaplain and other terminators were butchered by a chaos warlord holding aloft a deamon weapon... 2d6 attacks... Ouch! 

Amazing day though, had a gutbusta and finished it, not even difficult! I'll be making another post either tonight or tomorrow, with hopefully a better account and a bit of a story to describe the day. Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I've seen your pictures on the GW Flickr pool mate! They look awesome. Looks like you had a wicked time? What are you working on now?

  2. Man it was awesome, I haven't had time to do a proper post about it but hopefully tomorrow! Imperial side lost by around 30 points, but I'll twist it in the fluff haha. Bio Titans are SICK!!!

    Currently not too much, I bought Fez on the 360 along with the new Trails so devoting a wee bit of time to those as I do a videogames radio show with a couple of mates, and feel bad that for the last few shows I've not played much due to painting lol. I am gonna try get my termies and assault squad done soon though=]