Monday 9 April 2012

Terminators and Texture Paints

Probably not the best way to start a post but thats how I feel. I Woke up after an early night, after 3 hours sleep. I've been awake for 3 hours, and its currently 4:30am. Like I said.... Eugh.

Anyways, despite feeling a wee bit grim I thought I'd get a quick post up with my Terminators. Taking the pictures has shown me just how unfinished they are, so I'll be trying to do a bit to these tomorrow (aka today, but its not today til I've slept properly!)

Lightning claw terminators are awesome. Re-rolling those failed wounds in combat helps so much, especially, if like me, you team them with a Chaplain. Re-roll all failed to hits on the charge, and all failed wound rolls with the termies? Score! Can't be a bad thing!

Thunder hammer termies are a wee bit different. If you're the patient type who doesn't mind letting your opponent roll a load of dice before you do, these bad boys are your choice. Striking last can be a nuisence, but as long as they hit they kill! They're especially good against vehicles, which is why I usually employ a mixed squad of terminators in games. Hitting power comes from the claws, high strength from the thunder hammers.

Bit of a close up, and a wee look at the texture paint. More of this to come!

Heres a much better close up of the base. Astrogranite was the paint in the new range that made me jump with joy, an incredibly easy way to make an effective looking gaming base. Slap it on, wash with badab black (or whatever its now called) then highlight with administratum grey. I absolutely love the finished result, and am a big fan of these textured paints. Have a go of them if you can and let me know what you think!

So later on I'll be slapping a bit of paint on my termies, finishing my Legion of the Damned, and hopefully doing a wee bit more to my Land Raiders. I'm hopeful I'll be done, as I want an early night due to an early start wednesday morning for the big day. Club night was quiet but went quick as both teams discussed tactics, stragetic assets and whether Thunderwolves or Juggernauts of Khorne would taste better on a barbecue. I'm going to try and keep notes during the game, and take as many, if not more pictures than I did last time we went. May be hard as I'm playing for the first time but we shall see!


  1. First of all I really like those Terminators!

    I've managed to use chaplain an a terminator assault squad together one to brilliant effect. Usually my luck with terminators is appalling. I've actually lost a round of combat to some grots and been slain! I've also has a whole unit of terminators shot and killed by ork boyz. And I've also had a couple of terminators shot by some termagants then the survivors killed in the following assault!

    I don't use them any more!

    This bases however absolutely rock!

  2. I'm also really sorry for some shocking rush-typing and the ensuing typos :-s

  3. Ah man thats some really bad luck, stick with them though! For them to be effective I stick them in a land raider, those assault ramps are beautiful. I've had thunderhammer's survive ordanance blasts and gun fire, storm shields are the best... hence why my chapter master has a relic blade and storm shield=]

    Ha don't worry man, I normally have some typo's all over the place=]

    Nottingham tomorrow... Excited!

  4. Have a cracking time dude, I'll be looking out for a post about it!

  5. It'll be here tomorrow evening fingers crossed, we may not get back til early hours of Thursday. Just got up now, knackered but buzzing with excitement, odd combo!=D