Monday 30 April 2012

Getting some Games Played!

So last week at club I took a night off gaming, I'd played a fair bit the week before and felt like doing some spectating. Its always good to browse some games as you absorb some of the rules from armies you haven't played yet.... Scouting! Club regular Morgan got in touch then about going to Firestorm Games in Cardiff for a game, so myself and Bam readily accepted. We played a nice big 3500 a side game, mine and Bams Space Marines against Morgans Eldar. We kept things simple and went for kill points, and deployed in table quarters. Theres some nice scenery on offer here, so if you're in the South Wales area I recommend! 

The game itself didn't go too bad, but we did have some bad luck. Eldar are buggers! Eldrad and his seer council were horrednously hard to kill, and wiped out a unit of assault termies with a chaplain and Bams captain (who falied three armour saves!) and vanguard sergeant in close combat. Ouch! We lost the game 14-10, Not too bad a performance, I still don't know how to play Eldar too well so we did alright.... Revenge would be mine! Which brings us onto the club nights game I played.....

My scheduled opponent Alun, failed to show with his daemons (fear of the Emporers Angels no doubt!) so Morgan suggest a game of planetstike. First, I'd attack. So I spent a good few minutes writing a list then Morg said he'd not got much attacking stuff with him.... Gimboid! Being a true gent (ha) I switched and became the defender. My list was roughly... Master of the Forge, 4 dreads, vindicator, land raider, assault termies and chaplain, 5 bikes, Korsarro Khan (yes I have bikes now, more to come in the week!) 2 tactical squads in rhinos, and 10 sternguard with stormbolters. Oh and a predator. 

The Eldar stormed onto the table and all I could muster was a repeated 'ouch'. I lost my Land Raider, Vindicator, 2 dreads, Master of the Forge was Mind War'red by Eldrad, a Bastion (there was 2) turned to moltan slag by fire dragons and the predator blown apart. Not good! Being a true astartes, the towel wasn't thrown in and I continued. Barely haha. I rolled for reserves, and the tactical squads and bikers all showed up... but not where I wanted! Making the best of the situation though, I charged in and managed to immobilise 2 falcons and help hinder the Eldar's strength of mobility. I was then charged in the arse by the howling banshees, and failed miserably to make any saves from the shooting that was aimed at my bikers and lost all except Kor' Sarro Khan(who'll be renamed for my chapter, and yes, I know I didnt wanna use named characters but... well FURIOUS CHARGE!!!) 

Anyway, using an escape hatch I was able to charge my Termies and chaplain into Eldrad, which worried me slightly as in the previous game from Thursday, it was Eldrad and his seer council that took my Termies apart. Not so this time! The termies ripped 4 apart, and made the pointy xenos run. Korsarro sliced through the 10 howling banshees who had charged him then run them down after they failed their leadership test, then took out a small fire dragon squad and 10 dire avengers. He later fell to falcon fire... although the apothecary has revived him and is healing well. Ahem. The Termies finished off the seer council, then the chaplain wiped out the 4 swooping hawks that a tactical squad had weakened, and helped crush another 10 man squad of dire avengers with halp from said tactical squad. My other tactical squad performed well taking a lot of abuse from some warp spiders after having shredded a squad of harlequins apart with rapid fireing boltguns. The avatar did crush my other two dreads, but this too was downed by fire after a krak attack took 3 wounds off when it deep striked. 

I had pulled off a win! I was pretty surprised at how well the space marines came back, and I think it just goes to show how good even the tactical squads are against anything. Probably my best win so far, so very proud of my Evandalists!

Elsewhere, its Bams Birthday today (1st May) so I'd bought him a razorback, and painted some flames on there as a base for him to practice on, and I've also been working on this Legion of the Damned Terminator too. It was mainly to have a go of flames as a practice for the Razorback, but it was looking pretty good and I felt like a change painting wise... so I cracked on! He seems happy so far and I've done a bit more since taking this picture. Will show more when its done=]


  1. I've never played planet strike, looks good!

    Also, how did you do the bone/white on that legion of the damned terminator? Really like it, looks excellent!

  2. Man, after that first turn I had no intention of playing it ever again haha. But I'm now ready for more! Its really good, the stragems are pretty cool, the attacker gets to deepstrike anything not a vehicle on the first turn AND charge. I fancy that, not defending!

    The bone was worked up from Khemri Stone, not sure what colour that is now, then added some white, and a bit mroe white, then I washed it with a bit of badab black and thinned down khemri, then bleached bone, and then a final bleached bone with skull white added. Pretty happy!