Tuesday 3 April 2012

Chaplain Dread and Land Raider Crusader WIP's

So here is how things are looking so far. Land Raider Crusader needs to be pretty much done by next week for the apocalypse game at WW, so I've been working on that a lot today. As you can see she's looking pretty decent, I'm loving how well the checks work on the top. Still a fair bit to do but a chunk done, onto the detailing soon!

 Heres the other side, I'll be honest when I'm painting any model in my army, I have very little planned as to what colours go where, I just go for one and try to make sure they're all balanced, with a wee bit more prominence on red.

My Chaplain Dread is also coming on, I've highlighted the metal, and also the black armour. The next step will probably be the base, decide what colour to do the broken Rhino door, probably a contrasting colour to add variety as a chaplain doesn't give many options paint scheme wise! 
 Heres the plasma cannon, doesn't look to bad if only I could keep the lines a wee bit straighter! Oh well, I shouldnt expect so much so much from myself but its an awesome model. I kept the armour highlights simple, watered down skull white then washed over with Badab Black... may go over some parts again too just so its not so bright.

So things are coming along reasonably well, I've got two squads of terminators to try and get done, chaplain, dread to finish... oh and a techmarine of some sort... although I may use my squat techpriest. Also my rhino's and a couple of tactical squads to get done too. This is not gonna be easy!


  1. That's an absolute crazy paint scheme for the land raider, I love it!
    And don't beat yourself up with the plasma coils. I tend to lightly drybrush them and use a series of washes since I have trouble painting the ribs individually as well.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Yeah I've been told my scheme is a wee bit crazy, but I love how, even though it breaks some colour rules, actually seems to work. Take that old art tutor and your god damn colour wheel! I was going to get another land raider for the apocalypse game but we're taking 3000 point armies per player and that would be almost half, and as I wanna take 4 dreads and a few characters I thought tactical squads in rhino's would be much more worth it.

    I think with the plasma coils I'll try once more to neaten them up a wee bit and then one final highlight, and thats it done. Then the base will get sorted!

  3. That land raider looks sweet! And you're damn right the colour scheme works. Collectively it looks awesome.

    Your painting outstrips mine by far, but I may have a sneaky idea for your plasma core. Literally paint it white then use some really watered down ice blue like a wash. Like a little bit thinner than milk. I'm not meaning its the best route but for simplicity the effect is decent. I came about it buy trying to paint a rubber glove on an Ork pain boy, it looked rubbish but a friend of mine said try it on a plasma weapon and it looked alright!

  4. Ah never thought about it that way, work backwards so keep shading instead of highlighting... do the wash like you said over the white, then paint in the darker recesses... I like contrast see=]