Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank You.

That was this morning before I left to get some things done. I come home, and I'm on an incredible 10089 views. I'm absolutely well chuffed that you guys come and have a look, I've even had some of my posts linked from forums. 

So, thank you to everyone who has clicked this, and also to my followers. Its slowly growing, and hopefully will continue to do so. I'm surprised people read at the babble I put out, but its incredibly appreciated. To celebrate, I've made myself a new header, as the old one was getting a wee outdated now. 

Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Games Day 2012: In Pictures

 So Games Day Uk 2012 has come and gone. There were some amazing things to see up there, and instead of waffling on about them all, I'll let these pictures say it all. 

 Thanks to Jason for taking us up, and good to meet Ieuan at last! Hope you enjoy the Dwarf team man=]