Tuesday 31 January 2012

Scouts with Camo Cloaks.

I've seen a few posts lately about camo cloaks, and how to paint them. This is my take on the awesome bit of kit!

I've gone for an urban look, as most of the battlefields at club and the one I'm intending on putting together will be more citybased. Shadow grey was the main colour, then black and white lines were added. I then washed with badab black twice to give a dirty effect but picked a couple of bits out with some thinned down skull white.

Heres one close up. They're not finished yet, but the cloaks are pretty much done. Just need to add some details and a couple of highlights then the bases, and le fin.

I've recently purchased a bunch of SM mini's and among them is new box snipers for less than a tenner. So a full squad of ten with a missle launcher is on the cards!


  1. Cheers man! Got anohter 4 snipers plus a missile launcher toting scout on the go too. Can't wait to get em all done and see how they look on the field=]