Tuesday 17 January 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

Its Tuesday, which means update from last night time. Three games last night and some painting... evidence provided!

The following pic is the Necromunda table, with myself and Owain doing battle, Goliaths vs his Arbites.

It was quite a close battle, but I managed to make the arbites bottle. I had 4 fighters down but managed to take his under half strength before he could cause any more casualities, I didn't like how effective arbites are! In Owains first turn he took down two juves and a ganger. Ouch! My Ratskin Scout has rolled well with +2 WS, know what he'll be doing in games=D Only one advance, which I think was added WS to a ganger. Few other gang members close to levelling up and the Arbites have to rescue a patrolman in the next game, should be fun!

We also had a 2x2 40k game, Grey Knights and Space Wolves vs Grey Knights and Imperial Guard. Bloody Knights everwhere!

I think The IG+GK combo won, but it was fairly close. I'll have to make sure and edit this when I know exactly. Entertaining to watch though, plenty of banter too! Morgan and Alun, who had the GK and SW combo are taking part in a welsh tourney at Warhammer World in Feb called the Five Dragons Tournament. Fingers crossed for em! Think a couple of other club members are going too, more info next week.

Evidence of painting! Heres Owain finishing off his Slaanish Land Raider And Kasey painting her Lizardmen, which are looking good!

Real Marines wear pink. Apparantly.

We also had a Chaos vs Chaos match, pretty good from the sounds too!

I believe Mike won, who is on the left, with one objective and one contested whereas Andrew only had one contested out of the three after losing one to a bold charge by Mike's Chaos Lord. IF memory serves me right anyway!

Also, a couple of close ups of Andrew's Nurgle Marines, noice!

Hopefully in the weeks to come I can get a little set up to take some better pics, because the models derserve better quality images! These were taken on a little digital compact so I'll have to get the SLR out. Andrews army looks outstanding though fair dues!

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  1. Ah cheers man, I've noticed your boss Snikrot conversion earlier, love the new hat!=]