Tuesday 31 January 2012


Welcome to a tonne of wip-pics of my Chapter, the Evandalists. I've also been working on a background too so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. I've not finished anything yet, instead wanting to concentrate on getting basecoating and working up from there.

First off is the start of a command squad. I've been using the powerfist marine and champion model as a captain until I convert a dedicated on up. The Apothecary is one of my oldest painted models in the army, from about 12 years ago. He looks a bit rough but I love him enough to keep him as he is. I'll add some more close combat marines to these and obviously a captain or chapter master model too.

This is my second tactical squad, with plasma gun and multimelta. I've now got three tactical squads upto this point and have another two to start working on when I can. Pretty happy with the way the faces are coming along.

My land speeder! I never really intended to buy one of these but in a visit to GW Newport just before Xmas I just ended up buying one on a whim. It hasn't performed too well in the two games its been used but I'm getting to grips with it and it shall pay off one day! Still a lot to do as you can see but basic colours are down

I love these guys. Plasma Cannos are the deal! Another face I'm very happy with, love the sergeant model. Planning on adding another 5 to these to have a full ten man squad, should look good.

One of my scout squads.

Lightning Claw armed CA Terminators. I've also got 6 thunder hammer wielding Termies too painted upto this standard. These have done me pretty well in past games, just haven't had a chance to use them in smaller games. Teamed up with a relic blade and storm shield toting chapter master in a land raider they'll do some damage!

And finally my dread. He was sort of part painted from years ago, so he's not perfect but I enjoy seeing him lumber around the battlefield. I need to neaten the checks up a little more but he's well on his way. Along with a twin linked lascannon dread I've got, Theres also a brand new one yet to be put together to add. Can't wait to have choice as to what to arm my dread!

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