Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year and Things to Come....

So first of all, Happy New Year. 2012 is here, and this is going to be my gaming year. I'm looking forward to my first game of 40k in Warhammer World, yet to be organised but definately happening! I'm also looking forward to expanding my Space Marines with some tactical squads and a couple more Land Raiders, I'd love to have a squadron of three for apocalypse games all filled with Terminators=D Wondering what else to get, so suggestions appreciated!

So what have I been upto?


A squad of devastators have been well needed, not just as a squad but also to add different weapons to my tactical squads depending on who I'm facing. Plasma Cannons will be good against a range of enemies, an extra lascannon never hurt(unless you're against me=D) and a heavy bolter seemed a good choice for its cheap points cost and usefulness against infantry. And they look awesome.

I've never been that tempted to buy a Land Speeder, but after a quick visit to GW in Newport it just jumped out to me. The weapons I've chosen are so I can either deploy from the start to give supporting fire to troops advancing, keep in cover until enemy are in range or deep strike and use it as a tank hunter with its multi melta. Assault Cannons are the best!

And then we have this guy. This is my version of a Master of the Forge with the rare Conversion Beamer. The main body of the gun is a lascannon, with missile launcher and a couple of other random parts. I may add to this as the bottom looks a little thin, but we shall see. I've used the end of the lascannon barrel too as I figured it may have been a precurser to the Laser weapons that we see in 40k today just to tie it in a little. I've decided from the start that I don't want too many honours on any of my models like you get with the Captain mini's or any of the characters for that matter, and try to keep things simple by using colour schemes suitable. He'll be predominantly red but I'll put some of the other chapter colours in there too. Going to look for a few more bits to add, just to make him look a little more techpriest based but I'm pretty happy with how he is and may end up painting him out of excitement.

Expect to see these guys getting some paint on soon and hopefully some more finished models. I'm gonna try save up and get some Legion o the Damned models too to paint and go with my LOD sarge. I've also got a Squat Tech Priest coming from a win on Ebay, so looking forward to maybe incorporating him into my army with some back story that I'm also currently developing.

Busy times ahead! Have a good year and I'll post some more wordings soon!

Happy New Year!

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