Tuesday 31 January 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

And welcome to a much better update than the previous weeks! (which was a week late and didn't have many pictures!)

This week we had some 40k and Necromunda to play. First up here was Alun's Grey Knights v the Space Wolves of Morgan. The first game went completely Morgan's way. The space wolves lost just a few models but the grey knights were annhilated, ouch! The second game was closer but I think the grey knights took the win. All round, a good result for both as they're teaming up for the Five Dragons tourney up in Warhammer World in just a couple of weeks. Hope they do better than they have been!=D


Long Fangs

Gunning down


Surveying they field of battle

Next up was newcomer Mike with his Blood Angels against the smelly marines of Andrew.

Both forces looked quite balanced

Nice LOS

This Rhino took a beating!

From what I remember this sergeant took out 4 death guard on his own.

This is Bam who's hoping to get into playing soon when hes amassed himself a small force.

I think the result was 6-5 to the Blood Angels on killpoints, so a cracking first game for Mike! I think Andrews mind may have been slightly side tracked by his latest projects though....

These recovered and now infested Nurgle vehicles!

Andrew stripped this rhino and got to work with the green stuff, and fair play it looks stunning, cant wait to see it painted!

Love the little details like the crew caught trying to escape the rot of nurgle. Awesome

Also Andrews doing up, or doing down you could say, this Land Raider. He's planning to add a bell over the front, influenced by the bells of the skaven in WHF. Can't wait to see this finished!

Onto my two games of Necromunda! First up was a rescue mission for Owains Arbites. I lost a few men, but managed to make Owain bottle out before I did. Unfortunately I lost my Gang Leader, Brutus Beekcake. Expensive to replace but I had too, I'd miss LD 8!

My heavy was exceptional and leveled up. BS4 anyone?=D

The second game was a gang fight between my Goliaths, Owains Arbites, and Morgan's (busy bugger!) Delaques. Yes thats my scout doubling up as a bounty hunter!

This game was brutal. Morgans gang got caught between a couple of my best fighters who took down two of his gangers and Owain who took down 3. He voluntarily bottled out as he only had a couple of gangers left! Wise choice you weak sneaky git! Attentions turned to me and Owain. Unfortunately, I couldnt get my best fighters into the fray quick enough to try and take a couple of arbites out and bottled out as the weaker members were systamatically taken out by the enforcers. Damn them! Revenge for executing their old colleague no doubt. I had 5 guys taken out and have yet to roll for injuries, so expect me to bemoan losing another gang leader next week!

All in all though a fantasic night of gaming, 40k for me next week though!

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