Wednesday 8 February 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

And welcome to another edition of Monday Night Gaming from Tredegar Wargames Club! We've started seeing Warhammer being played more, and rumours abound that Mordheim is being explored once again... who dares venture into the depths of this damned city? Fools. ALL OF EM!!!


First up Mike and Louis played WFB, with Chaos taking on Tomb Kings.

From what I understand it was a pretty close game but Louis' Chaos warband took the win with the chosen chewing through the undead. Or now dead.

Next up Morgan, who sports the rather manly beard and an Empire army took on Owain, the Redbranch (whose blog is here and his Chaos army.

This battlefield look awesome fair dues, Love the buildings!

The Empire successfully defeated the Chaos warband here, and after I'd left a game of Mordheim was played, which Morgan, duly won. 2 wins in a row, luck surely?

So next up was my game. Originally we had a 2000pts BA force commanded by Jason and Mike against 1000pts of my Evandalists and 1000pts of Carls Grey Knights, unfortunately Carl couldn't make it so we managed rope Bam into using his only 10 space marines as a proper Legion of the Damned squad, and a dreadnought to command. Pts were rearranged to 1500pts a side and battle commenced!

This was shortly after turn one, as you can see my force hardly advanced apart from the 3 dreads. Predator shot some marines up, heavy bolters proved effective through weight of fire but the autcannon was a disappointment. We had three objectives, the barrels you can see middle right of this picture, one in the ruins, and one on the far left flank near the enemies deployment.

My Master of the Forge, who managed to kill almost a tactical squad worth of marines in the first two turns shooting his conversion beamer over the 42" to get the ST10 ap1 effect of the weapon. Score!

Jasons Death Company are brutal. Lemartes, is even more brutal. They took one of my combat squads apart but after running another combat squad from them and moving my predator between them and the death company they had to advance towards the far flank. Score! My Land Speeder proved more effective, as I think I'm getting used to how to use it better. Combined fire from that, 5 scouts and 4 tactical marines managed to butcher a Terminator squad through firepower. Score More!

Furioso dreadnoughts have Fleet. I did not know this! Jase's dread flew across the board into my long range dread and duly blew it apart in two turns of combat. Whats more important though, is that mine, without a close combat weapon, immobilised the Furioso. Very proud! A multimelta from my combat squad that captured the objective finished it off in turn 6-7. Second time that multimelta has destroyed Jasons dreadnought as we played a little warmup game in my house before we left. Bams LOD were awesome, taking out 5 terminators, 1 captain, and 4 tactical marines at a loss of only 5 of their own. More reason to save and get my squad of ten sorted! We won capturing two objectives with one uncontested, and only Lemartes left on the field for the enemy. Good win and good start for Bam! Mike had some unlucky dice rolls though bless him, next time I battle him a closer battle shall be had=]

We had some WW2 battling going on too tonight, I have no idea how the game plays but when I've got a night off and these guys are here I'll be having more of a browse.

Andrews Land Raider conversion continues apace, and is looking sick. Absolutely loving the bell across the hull, can just imagine it slowly moving forward tolling away as the death guard follow it. Sure to scare any Imperial Guardsman!

Scythes. Probably one of the most iconic weapons that are so underused in 40k! Good to see one being sported here.

So thats Monday Night Gaming for this week, next week myself and Jason are in the deep end as we team up to play Morgan and Alun as they gear up for the 5 Dragons Tourney the day after. Should be a cracker!

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