Tuesday 10 January 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

When you plan a game, you have certan stratergies in mind. When you arrive for that gameand its been changed... you adapt. Or fail badly like me! From a 2 vs 2 battle onto a 5 person free for all, where only special characters can earn victory points. Crap. I don't have special characters! I used the rules for Lysander and had a suitable looking Terminator instead. Other characters were Draigo, Njal Stormcaller, Skulltaker, and Astoroth. Ouch!

The table, Most of my forces would deepstrike or come on from reserve. Blood angels down the bottom near me in the big building, Grey Knights nearest and Space Wolves in between me and Grey Knights. Deamons also all in reserve!

Njal and his terminators ran in the first turn after a dreadknight vapourised a few of them... Sucks for them!

Bloodthirster vs Death Company, close fight.... until Astoroth turned up and killed it

Draigo killed my Lysander, and these two had a long winded battle and on the last turn had a wound each...

Spot the theme... Astoroth turned up and duly butchered Draigo. Jason, who controlled the Blood Angels had 998 points at the end from kills with Draigo, compared to me and Morgan having none and the deamons and grey knights having less than 500 each I think. Crazy battle but good fun if not suited to my army at all! Curse special characters!

Owain, who runs a blog on my links, had a land raider to stick together for his Slaanish army. Can't wait to see this painted as pink will be used!

Next week me and Owain will be playing some Necromunda, he'll be using Arbites and I'll crack my Goliaths out who'll be using wrestling names. Should be a laugh! Was hoping to find my Cawdor or Van Saar gangs but they're missing.

Look out for a WIP post in the week as I've been painting!

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