Tuesday 31 January 2012

Monday Night Gaming!

So this was last weeks gaming from the 23rd, late I know but I've been a busy beast. Didnt get to take many pics as I was playing against my BA controlling nemesis Jason, but heres a few pics.

Finally had a game of Fantasy! Tomb Kings versus either another Tomb Kings force or an undead force of another kind. Nice to finally see some regiments lined up battling!

Next up we had the father and son rivalry between Andrew's Nurgle Marines and Jordans Necrons. I believe Jordan won and kicked his old mans ass, which is what we wanna see! Cue many sentances containing 'Necrons' and Bastards' from Andrew with a wry smile afterwards.

This was my game against Jason, and shows my deployment. There were 3 objectives, in the centre (the D4), the Statue and the broken Rhino. I concentrated on getting the nearest objective, and hoping to use either the land speeder or assault troops to get the centre or enemy objective.

The game was a mix if ups and downs. I made some good moves but also some terrible, and the terrible cost me the game. Just goes to show I need to play more to iron out those silly mistakes! Almost took Astoroth out but he contested my objective to sneak a win for Jase. Close and incredibly fun game!

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