Tuesday 17 January 2012

Background Design Brief.

Thought I'd share about some choices I've made regarding my Chapter.

First of all, they're young. maybe two-three centuries old. Hence one reason why in most battles, I'll take at least 5 scouts. Secondly, the experienced officers such as Chaplains, Chapter Masters etc are from other chapters who have earned enough respect and esteem to be promoted and had no room to become that position in their own chapter and thus given an opportunity to lead a new army. The reasoning for my paint scheme comes from this. To honour the chapters that the legion has, in effect, been born from it uses a fairly random colour scheme based upon red, blue, purple, black and white. Also, in honour of the Master of the Forge who came from the Iron Hands many marines chose to paint parts of their armour metal. The original Master of the Forge was one of the earliest officers to join the chapter and therefore one of the most respected, but was killed saving perhaps a couple of companies in a battle.

Because I'm fairly inexperienced in 40k, I've decided the easiest tactic is to shoot and then counter attack in close range firefights, so I'll prefer taking devastators over assault squads. I'm sure I've read that from the scout company many of these go into the devastator companies or squads of the other companies, so that fits in with my play style and story of there being more scouts and so more devastators.

I'm soon recieving a Squat Techpriest model, and am going to try and incorporate him into my army with a small story about a chaos warband attacking a cloaked planet. The cloaked planet had a stronghold of squats, and the chapter saves them. The squats are then revleaed to still hold true to earlier stories that they're part-Imperium and still have much respect for the Emporer, much like the Space Marines. Plus, the tech priests shared love with my old master of the forge and who will be his replacement sees a gift to the chapter of an acient conversion beamer. Hence why my Master of the Forge conversion has one, and while he doesn't have the usual parts for a techmarine this is due to his general youth compared to many other Master of the Forges. So a less decorated and modified marine model. This is something I intend with a lot of my models, as I'm not a huge fan of loads of decoration on the mini's the general youth of the chapter would also show them to not have taken part in many battles and not having so many awards/honours bestowed upon them. Hopefully!

I'll also perhaps do another short story about the Legion of the Damned, as I'll be painting up a squad to go along with the LOD sergeant I've already finisehd. Love the look of these so they'll deffo be in somewhere.

If anyone reads this and has any ideas then please share!

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