Wednesday 1 August 2012

Kit Bash Librarian.

So lately I've been playing games and most people seem to be including psykers. I've never used them myself, but wondered what they were like. First of all, I'd need a model! I was tempted by the standard Terminator Librarian you can get in Games Workshop, cool model, 5+inv save, not a bad choice. But then I looked at the rest of my force and most things have been converted or kitbashed in some way. Oh well, lets get to it I though! First of all, what to use? I studied my slowly shrinking bits tin and found a few pieces. The missile launcher steadying arm would be perfect for an out-streched hand, no doubt power flying from it. I'd need a straighter arm however.... Oh hello biker arms! Sorted. Legs, I wanted something a little more dynamic than usual so went for some assault marine legs. The torso was just a tactical torso, with wires on the front and the force sword a simple power weapon from the assualt marines. The head, was from a Grey Knight that I saw on Ebay, score!

Now Librarians have psychic hoods, and I remember thinking many months ago that perhaps a shoulder pad cut up may work. Lo and behold, over on From The Warp, the legend that is Ron also used this very thing so I set about cutting bits up. Heres how he looked!

Not amazing but I'm pretty happy with him, little bit rough but I'm not that great as you may have well seen at converting but for tabletop use I'd be happy. I used some green stuff to make a rear tabbard like parchment, and created a small hill on the base for him to look a tad more imposing than a regular trooper. He looks a little more together undercoated.


As you can see, he doesn't look too bad at all. I then set about getting him painted! Like with my Master of the Forge and Techmarine, I use the typical uniform colour (this time being blue for a librarian) for prominence, and then added the red and purple in and around. Theres still some tidying up to do, especially looking at these pics! Overall though I'm pretty happy with the little guy. So please meet,
Shiori Kiyoshi. This is apparantly Japanese for 'bookmark pure', which is highly appropriate.


  1. Nice work! Excellent cutting up of the shoulder pad :-) Love the pose, looks like he's charging at Xenos firing out spells! Love the free hand on the tabbard too.

    Favourite bit for me is the face! Awesome! What colours did you use?

    How's he done for you in games so far?

  2. I literally finished him last night, only took about 7 hours in total to do, including convert! Took longer for the head to come from ebay lol

    I do faces by starting off with Khemri Brown, and then to keep the same hues I just add white and get progressionally lighter. Same for the purity seals, rear tabbard, and ork skull. I really like the aged effect it has. I may add a thinned wash over the face to humanise it a tad more, just warm it up a little. Couple of other bits though and he'd be finished=]