Wednesday 8 August 2012

Games Aplenty!

So THIS weeks club night had a few games going on. We've booked the hall we use for an entire day in a couple of weeks so are hoping to get a good days worth of gaming out of it, so that should be a good post with a bunch of pictures.

Morgan and Mark had a bit of a grudge match, Space Wolves versus Dark Angels. I think it was 3000 or 3500 points each, and looked crazy.

Venerable Mike and Chris had an all Chaos encounter, unsure how many points but you know it would be brutal!

Some of the SW/DA game. Huge unit of Blood Claws on an outflank, ouch! Thank god they can't assault the same turn! I believe Morg and his Space Wolves won, but it was a hugely bloody affair, and fittingly too.

Huw brought along his pirates game to try out, and here you see Andrew and Owain having a game. It looks like a lot of fun fair dues, and I may be getting a go in a few weeks. Huw has made the rules up and is looking to games test it at the club, be good to see a game through development!


So what did I play? Well I went for something a little different, and Alun teased that he would too. I was trying out my Librarian, and also a Whirlwind. Alun? A Necron army. Yikes! I'd never played Necrons before so this was gonna be tough. Alun previously had an army of them before, but missed them so got another one. 2000 points capture the relic! 

I made so many mistakes its insane. My deployment was too defensive considering the mission, although I had taken a very shooty army. My scouts performed well, smattering a couple of the Necron units with sniper rifle fire and also defeating 5 scarab bases in combat... I'd forgotten what it was like to roll good dice! Unfortunately the dice rolls weren't across the table. The whirlwind did alright, wearing down a large unit of Necron warriors but Alun's rolls to bring them back were pretty good. The storm talon dented the Necron flyer, which is absolutely devastating. That death ray weapon it has is horrifying to play against, and the tesla weapons too. Especially if you roll sixes like Alun does!

In the first turn my newly assembled Predator Annihilater was, rather aptly annihilated by the Doomsday Ark. That weapon is insane. 72" range!!! Its hard playing against an army for the first time, not knowing what those units do can be the undoing of your battle, and this was true for me. I did consider using bikers, and I wish I had. I dropped the bikers, captain on a bike and a Landspeeder for a Chaplain, and the scouts with Telion. Although the scouts did well I think the Bikers speed and added toughness would have helped, they could have sped across the objective and held up the main necron unit as my other units tried to take control of the relic. Even though I had a bit of a beating my Termies performed better, although the Librarian died without casting a psychic power, they did a nice bit of damage and took a lot of attention away from the the rest of my army. My Chaplain was able to hold up the Necrons in combat, that strength six ap4 Crozius being extremely effective against the robotic xenos!

Ah well, I lost 2-0 due to neither of us having the objective, Alun had killed my Warlord and had first blood. Ouch!

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