Sunday 12 August 2012

Best of Three.

So last Thursday, myself and the Mighty Mogan Power Ranger went down to one of our favoured playing spots, Firestorm Games in Cardiff. We figured we'd go early, get a few games then some food. We weren't wrong! We got ourselves through 3 really good games, different points and lists each time, then managed to (easily to be honest) force a foot long sub down our mouths in a nice warm day in Cardiff. So... onto the games!

I completely forgot to take a picture of the second game, but we had a draw. I managed to kill enough of Morg's Grey Hunters from one objective so the survivors were more than 3 inches away... but barely!

The first game however ended too soon for me to be able to pull a draw or win back, if I'd been able too! We had 3 objectives and Morg captured on whereas the other two were either contested or not even looked at! I took 8 Lascannon shots at Morg's Vindicator and every single one failed to penetrate. My luck seems to be consistently bad! Morg's Wolf Scouts did try to blow a Rhino up when they arrived behind my lines but he failed to hit. Bane of the Meltagun! 

The third game we played was Capture the Relic, which was located in a trench. We kept the terrain to a minimum, which in turn made this bloody! My vindicator inflicted a lot of pain, and Morg's psychic powers threw my army into disarray. After my Tactical Squad which had both my Chapter Master and Chaplain were terrorised, they fell back, only for one of Njal Stormcallers special rules to make them fall back again! This took them out of the picture. I couldn't capture the relic, but I had killed Morgan's Warlord, got first blood, and thanks to my Legion of the Damned and Stormtalon occupied his deployment zone. The Stormtalon also managed to kill the Grey Hunters who held the relic, forcing it to be dropped. Game win to me! Makes a change I can tell ya! So the day ended with us both having a win, draw, loss, and belly full of Subway. 

I'm currently getting some buildings painted up, plus I have a new squad to paint up... more details in a couple of days... but it would appear I have ALLIES!!!!

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