Monday 20 August 2012


So I've been sort of quiet lately, but that certainly doesn't mean I havent been doing anythign hobbywise! Alongside news which I'll reveal later, a week ago, myself and old adversary Jase had a game, SM vs BA. Mission? Capture the Relic. I've yet to win this, and didn't feel too confident when Jase won the first turn. but onward! Deployment

Being a week ago I forget exactly what happened, but Jase was able to get control of the relic fairly quick.My Whirlwind was pretty atrocious, failing pretty much all game to score a hit. Although, Jase's Allied Eldar Pathfinders failed to kill anything too. Ha!

As per usual, the middle of the battlefied was the centre of the action, being that the objective was situated there. When Jase obtained the relic he proceded to move back, using his Furioso and Death Company as roadblocks. 

Despite my best attempts, my Terminators could'nt kill enough Dire Avengers each turn, and the Legion of the Damned failed to survive against a brutal charge by assault marines and Astorath. 

I did kill the initial unit that had the objective but Jase recovered well and was able to get control of it again. A failed Tank Shock at the end of the game was the final nail in my coffin. Ouch! Overall my army performed ok, and I didn't feel like bad luck lost me the game for the first time in a while. Could this be the start of a decent run? Who knows! We both had a great time though, and Jase deserved to win. I think my deployment was sound, but again I failed to stick to my plan and encircle with my Land Raider instead charging into the middle. Stupid Kev! Ah well, next time Jase... NEXT TIME!!!

There have been stirrings at the club recently, and many armies are gaining new allies to help them on their chosen path. Whether this be to claim new worlds for the Emperor, destroy everything in the name of Chaos, or take actions for the Greater Good......

Yes folks, I've got myself some Tau. I'll be using them mainly in larger games of about 1500+ points, but am looking to create a decent sized army. As last Monday was my day of birth, my lovely lady got me some vouchers and thus arrived two Crisis Battlesuits. A Tau Codex was kindly donated to me by Club Legend Andrew, and the Hammerhead and Stealth suits I got myself along with a squad of Firewarriors. Colour scheme has been chosen, but I'll wait until I've done a few more and got a better feeling for it before I get some decent pics. They've played in one game so far, when Morgan came over to mine for a game. What promptly happened was the stuff made of fate.

At the end of the fifth turn. Morgans Space Wolves were wiped out. Score! The Tau helped immensely, moving, shooting then darting back into cover. My commander I fielded with two plasma rifles, and this was a great combo. My Firewarriors rolled well, and the stealth suits are fun to use. Looking forward to more games with them!


  1. Your games always sound exciting! I've started writing battle reports of my own and forget halfway thought the game then can't remember details lol.

    Looking forward to seeing all those Tau mate, the sneak peak the other day looked great!

  2. Ah yeah man, I've just put another post up, yesterday we had a tonne of gaming as we rented our usual place out for the day. Immense fun! 12 hours almost of gaming. Plus I rolled pretty well for once! So happy haha.