Tuesday 28 August 2012

6th Starter Set

So what do we have here.... No rumours, no pinches of salt... just some good old solid truth. I think everyone knows about the new starter set which will be released in just a few days, but how do we all feel about it?

First of all the contents. Take a look at that picture... Phwoar!

Two nicely sized armies with plenty of variety of units for newcomers to learn about. The smaller rulebook I know will become an Ebay hit, as many people wish to sustain its larger brother and have something more transportable. Templates, a booklet outlining the units in the box and the missions along with a nice reference sheet help finish off the set. Of course, the real stars of the show will always be the miniatures and rightfully so.

Firstly, the Hellbrute. The first time you see it, you'll be amazed at its bulk. Its as if a Great Unclean One, a Dreadnought and an Obliterator had some Slaanesh sexy time and this beast was born. I do have one problem with it however. As amazing as a model it may be, its not going to be very poseable, which in turn equates to a lot of very similar looking hellbrutes out there at least until a boxed version with options comes available... which itself makes me excited. 

The other Chaos models are really well done. The Lord and the Chosen look great, plenty of character and detail embedded into the models, and if you havent already I highly recommend popping over to the GW website where you can get 360 degree pictures of them to marvel at. I however, am most enamoured with these chaps.

Chaos Cultists. Why? I've always been intrigued with perhaps doing a chaos army, but story wise its the uprisings that appeal to me. Dark Tidings afoot, and murmours of Traitorous Marines coming to the world to tear it asunder. As the defenders steady themselves, cultists appear and turn everything on its head even before the Chaos Space Marines are even on the planet. I love the idea that people everywhere suddenly show their true colours and turn upon those they were once friends with. I'd love a huge horde of them, some Imperial Guard Tanks perhaps, with some allied Chaos guys to be in charge. Sounds like a future army is brewing! Also though, is how well they'd fit as a Necromunda gang, they'd be amazing!

The Dark Angels contingent is really well done too, although as a Chapter they don't really appeal to me. I do feel that GW missed out by not having normal Marines in the box or at least having them be easily converted to be normal Codex marines. Expect a lot of these on Ebay too! The two models for me that stand out are the Librarian and the Limited Edition Chaplain, both are very nicely done and I may be tempted to do some extensive work on both to unclude them in my army.... Very extensive!

So in all, I think a great package especially for £65. I know a lot of people will be swapping contingents around so swell their ranks, and I look forward to facing off against these! 

What do you all think of it? Can you see some great idea's for conversions? Do you plan on swapping any contents? Your thoughts... Give them to me!

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