Tuesday 7 August 2012

Monday Night Gaming. Late!

So heres a rather late post from last weeks Tredegar Wargames Club night. I found myself playing a 3000 point game against Imperial Guard. Tanks. Yikes! 3 Leman Russ Executioner, and 3 Leman Russ Punisher. This could go badly! We also had two fliers, my storm talon against Louis' Vendetta(I think?). Purge the Alien was the mission, so deployment!

This picture was taken after we both deployed. Devastators and MOTF in the far right building, Scouts in a bastion, etc etc. The Predator was all armed with lascannons, something I hadn't really tried much before. First turn, and 60 shots later from the Punishers and 3 devastators left standing. And the MOTF had died. This would prove interesting soon after..... Louis fired his executioners at my scouts, and even with their excellent cover save (2+ with camo cloaks in fortifications) they all died. First time I'd used Telion too, and he didn't fire a shot. Thats no fun! I could have said they were in the Bastion as I didn't realise they could mostly still fire, but ah well.  My predator blew up the main punisher, which was commanded by Pask. This was a huge morale boost and helped take some of the firepower down. Elsewhere not a lot happened.

The Vendetta comes on, and I don't think it does much damage so far. One of the things I was happy with about going second was the chance to let Louis get his flyer on board and then react with mine.  Rough Riders and Termies make an appearence, (Chaos Allies with Ahriman of all people) and support the troops and tanks already on the board. My Storm Talon comes on and takes the vendetta down, relief! My two Multi Melta toting Land Speeder deep strikes next to the executioners but only destroys a weapon, and the Legion of the Damned's meltagun take a hull point off. Not very effective! My unlucky Terminators (who you'll know about from previous games and my ability to roll ones for when it comes to armour saves) wipe out 7 of the rough riders in a hail of fire. Not bad. 

And then it went downhill. Louis discovered that the punishers firing range was 24" and not the 36" that he had thought it was. This meant that the death of my Master of the Forge and devastators should not have happened, at least not that early on! Louis 'kindly' offers me a Look out Sir roll to bring him back, which I accept and make. He still does nothing and dies=/ Louis assaults my Termies with some guard troops, makes 4 wounds.... 3 die. Yes, theres the picture to show I rolled ones. What have I done dice gods? WHAT HAVE I DONE!??!?!

This guy pretty much took care of the LOTD, executioners are ridiculous. Simple as! 

I also had this crazy roll, thats where the dice actually ended! 

The game ended as another loss for me. Its a little frustrating that I've lost so many games recently, especially as a few of these has been partly because rules not being known, but in truth my tactics are to blame also. I was not agressive enough with my army, seeing those tanks put a bit of fear into me about losing my own armour. This should not have been the case as if Louis had blown some of my tanks up it would have meant my infantry would not have faced so many plasma and punisher shots. I do need to keep a fine balance between keeping to a plan and reacting to your opponent. There were some high moments, I killed Ahriman with a Krak Missile, My Chapter Master and Termies took out some Khorne Termies and some Imperial Guard troops, but were in the fight too late to do much else. Storm Talon performed well, and if it hadnt been brough down in the last turn to some lucky sixes it may have made the game very tight. I think, that even though my losing run continues I'm still enjoying 6th edition immensely. I just need my opponents to learn their ruddy armies!

Also tonight, Morgan and Alun fought their second refight of the game we played in Firestorm a few weeks ago. I forget who won but Aluns face is truly incredible, and worthy of rememberence! 

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