Saturday 31 August 2013

Saturday Salvo: Space Marines

'Saturday Salvo? What the hell is this Kev? Is this some sort of regular feature you're doing? Some sort of regular feature where you'll share your thoughts of the hobby news gone by? Every week? On a Saturday?'

Och aye lad! Ya got me!

I basically wanted something where I'll take a look at whats happening in the hobby and my thoughts on it while mixing it with updates from myself.

So this very morning, I headed to Cwmbran to preorder this sexy little book.

Only I didn't get to Cwmbran. Upon waking up, I found my face swollen and vision ever so sightly scuppered by the swelling which has taken up residence on my left cheek. Sorta looks like I've been punched by a powerfist, but being a Space Marine theres no pain it just feels weird. Anyhoos, I console myself with the thought of going downstairs, ramming some tablets down my throat and having a read of the new White Dwarf. Only the postman is a heretic and hasn't delivered it. FFS!!!! I then think 'ah well, I'll just ponder the new releases on the GeeDub website instead' when the site goes down to everyone else trying to get on there too. So today, hasn't been the greatest of starts. Luckily though, my good friend Bam is able to head to Cwmbran and is picking me up a copy of White Dwarf ( another mate normally asks me to get him one so he can have mine when it arrives) so I can chat about that laters.

I won't do WD reviews often, as there are some good reviews out there that will do a better job than me but as its Space Marines heavy I'm joining in on the action. I'm hoping to be able to keep up with the painting too, if I ge too far behind then it could mean a tiring week ahead for me which I don't want! Far too much to do for a week Sunday. 

 The last thing I'll be chatting about this morning are the prices for the new Space Marine stuff. The new Centurions weigh in at £47.50 for a box of three. Thats pretty pricey. When you take into consideration thats £15.50 per model, its not so bad... but its still almost £50 in one go. I'm still undecided on these, theres things I like and dislike about the models so it could depend on how effectively they would fit into my force. Vanguard are £25, Sternguard are £30. I find these not bad considering the amount of bits in them and the bare heads in the sterguard are fantasically sculpted. I need me some of these! 

Tactical Squads are now £25, but again it looks like there are new parts inside and some of the parts have been updated, I spotted a new torso piece in there along with a couple of new heads. The AA Rhino's are £40, which seems a little over priced considering they're very one dimensional in game terms. I love the Hunter variant though so I may be suckered into unloading a wad of cash at GeeDub for one of these. he Codex itself is £35, but its much bigger than a regular codex and I know I'll love that book like its a never ending footlong subway steak and cheese sandwich. And I'd love one of those A LOT.

I'm seriously excited about the new codex, I love the Space Marines and making my own chapter is a big part of that so it'll be interesting to see what I can do in there that may help further my fluff.

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