Friday 30 August 2013

Apocalypse Progress

Welcome! Heres another look at my progress into painting my army ready for the big apocalypse game on the 8th of September. Its been a busy day, I've built 10 tactical marines, 4 command squad models and finished painting the tactical squad I was working on. Theres also a predator basecoated but I need to switch the sponsons around before I do anymore, and possibly repaint one or two parts as it isn't quite balanced for my liking. Getting there slowly though! 

Tomorrow will consist of hungrily feeding the new White Dwarf into my eyes, rushing down to GW Cwmbran and preordering the codex and also picking up a Venerable Dreadnought for my matey Bam. Then I'll hopefully be able to finish those guys above when I get back! Well, the standard bearer is another story... as I don't know what direction to go in. Do I try some sort of freehand piece or keep it simple? We shall see!

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